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Form One Admission (2017-2018)

SPCS is a Direct Subsidy Catholic school for girls with a longstanding history of nurturing and developing young people°¶s potentials in preparation for the rapid changes in society. Our school°¶s unique vision and mission of providing an all-round quality education is recognized by renowned institutions worldwide. As our school does not participate in the Central Allocation Scheme of the Education Bureau, we welcome applications from across the territory.

All students who are enrolled in St. Paul's Convent School are eligible to apply for fee remission. The amount granted to a student is calculated in the form of percentage reduction to the school fee depending on her financial / home situations. Fee Remission details can be downloaded from and its Self-Assessment Platform can be found at


Application of Form One Places (2017-2018)

The application for Form One places (2017-2018) has closed

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