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Give Peace a Chance
(3U 2001-2002)
Chan Yee Yan Anne
Cheung Kit Yue Kitty
Ip Wing Yan Winnie
Kwok Siu Yan Joanne
Lau Mo San Michele

A documentary of an anti-war demonstration.

Temple Tempo
Bronze Award, Youth Category, 7th IFVA
(4S 2001-2002)
Ting Cindy

One night in Temple Street, a group of people gathered to put on a show. But why do they do it?

Water Pollution
(4L 2001-2002)
Luc Anne

Do you remember the little orange fish that always comes into mind when we think about the coral reefs? Well, check out its latest adventure.

Distinguished Award, Youth Category, 8th IFVA
(5L 2002-2003)
Li Susan
Yuen Shirley

It is an experimental work. That student is an experiment too. This year in May, let's see how it goes...

City Side Shot
(6P 2000-2001)
Lo Vivian
Siu Peggy
Ho Katie

An interesting portrait of the city.

1st Runner up, Youth Teen Video Competition jointly organised by the RTHK and Mingpao
(3L 2001-2002)
Po Charlotte
Tsui Sze Long Debbie
Yim Tsz Chun Flora
Yip Lum Lum Tina

Negative examples are used to convey our message. Within a few minutes, you'll witness how ill behaviour such as littering and arson destroy our environments. This is a satire one those who bread the law but never regret. Finally, our hope for a nice environment forms the ending.

Rote Learning
(3U 2000-2001)
Cheung Vera
Lam Loretta
Mok Clare
To Martina
Wong Jenny

Do you get bored repeating mundane routines everyday? Do you hate going to school? This short may be the voice of many students that wish there is an alternative besides studying.

Genetics Engineering
(3A 2001-2002)
Mak Sonia
Sham Josephine
Wong Sivia
Woo Shirley
Zhang Louisa

We all love chocolates, don't we? It doesn't matter whether they are creamy or bittersweet, as long as they have a pure taste and a fine texture. However, will we like genetic engineered chocolates?

Rubbish Flavour
(3A 2001-2002)
Lau Phoebe
Leung Monica
Ng Tiffany
Tso Whitney
Yuen Joyce

We're always complaining about pollution, but at the same time, we're the most efficient rubbish producers.

Building The Future
Jury Award, Youth Category, 7th IFVA
(5A 2000-2001)
Fu Lilian

An animated clay man starts building a new lovely house under his creative transformation of the news concerning the social problems, wars and crimes in our world. He wants to recreate our world......

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