Green roofs are not only a visual improvement over the concrete forest, but they can provide many environmental benefits as well. They are excellent insulator, waterproofing protector, green space provider, rainwater filter, pollutants reducer and oxygen generator.

Studies show that you could save both cooling and heating costs with a green roof. The layer of plants and growing material not only provide additional insulation to the building, but also actively cools the surrounding air by their respiration which mitigates the urban heat island effect. The combined effect of plants and soil layer can reduce the noise level of the rooms beneath, too. The cooling effect and reduced temperature variations mean that the waterproofing layer underneath will not be easily deteriorate over time as it would be in a typical roof. A green roof will retain stormwater through the absorption from plants and soil which can reduce sewer overflows. The filtering process also significantly reduces the pollutants present in the drainage. A green roof can remove airborne particulates as well as generate a good supply of oxygen.

We would like to give grateful thanks to the Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF) which realizes the construction of a green roof on our SIP Block by providing more than half of the required funding. The balance of the project cost is paid by our Schools own fund. The application for the green roof project was submitted to Environmental Campaign Committee on 26 March 2009. After years of planning and designing, the whole project was completed on 8 February 2013. This project also includes a wind-solar hybrid system which provides lighting by renewable energy to the roof of our main building.

Our green roof is planted with Zoysia Japonical (xW) on the lawn area, and decorated with pots of Mandy Kordana (p۪) and Juniperus Chinensis Kaizuca (sf) at the perimeter of the garden. The irrigation system consists of four watering nozzles which are automatically operated by solar energy. The path across the garden and the seats on one side are constructed by environmental wood which is manufactured from recycled materials. Also, there are four solar light bulbs on the lawn area which give dim lighting to the green roof at night.

Green roofs are the hanging gardens of modern cities which provide additional habitat for birds, butterflies, and other wildlife, as well as extra amenity space for residents. The increased aesthetic appearance can lead to an increased property value, too.
Photos of our Green Roof:

Green Roof planted with Zoysia Japonical (xW)


Green Roof (a view from the other direction)


A closer look on the Juniperus Chinensis Kaizuca (sf)


A closer look on the Mandy Kordana (p۪)


The wind-solar hybrid lighting system

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