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The Awful Truth Be Told - Dora Fung 4A
I WANT TO WRITE A POEM - Clarice Chan 4U
You and Me - Kelly Wong 1A
Locked Away - Michelle Pang 1A
A Lucky Break - Daphne Cheung 2P
A Girl Questions - Nicole Yee 2P
Fading Memories - Ann Leung 6U
Reflection - Kelly Wong 1A
This is Why I Ran Away - Tina Villareal 4A
Nostalgia - Beatrice Yeung 2P
Girl Poem - Michelle Pang 1A
No War; Only Peace - Chammie Leung 2P
Window into the Future - Angela Lo 6L
Rivalries - Francine Chang 6U
Boring - Hilda Fung 2P
Money for the Chicks - Joy Zhu 4P
Heaven - Karen Wong 6U
No Place - Daphne Leung 6U
'Breaking the Chains of Pain' - Joyce Yip 6L
Friendship - Valerie Wu 6L
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