SPCS Careers Week (2020-21) íV 19th to 23rd October 2020

Various activities and competitions were organised during the Careers Week, allowing students across all forms to understand study pathways and career options.

Form 1 Careers Quiz

The Form 1 Careers Quiz was conducted online via Kahoot. The Quiz helped our newcomers to meet the Careers and Future Studies Team, learn about our aims and how we may guide them to make decisions about their studies.

Winners were Sherise Yue, Natalie Wong, and Dafne Fung from F. 1S; Ashley Chan, Tania Wu, Clemence Wong from F. 1T; Mavis Sei, Madelyn Shui, and Rosanna Koo from F. 1P; Rachel Fong, Anson Lee, and Alpeshkumar Rahi from F. 1A; Czarina Luk, Olina Au, and Athena Chan from F. 1U; Hillary Long, Avril Yau, and Joyce Ng from F. 1L.

Form 2 Careers Poster Design Competition

Students showcased their creativity by designing posters which introduced an interesting occupation specified by the Careers Team.

Form 3 and Form 4 Video Competition

Videos that compared related programs in different universities, including basic information such as admission requirements, program structure, and career paths after graduation were created by our Paulinians.


Alumni Sharing

Alumni who studied in different universities around the world were invited to share their first-hand experiences over Zoom. Paulinians gained valuable insights including successful pathways.

(1)   10 Oct 2021: Studying in the UK

(2)    14, 20, 27 Oct and 5 Nov, 2020:  JUPAS & NON-JUPAS Sharing

(3)    6 Mar 2021: Studying in US vs HK/UK (by Ms. Amanda Xiang, a Paulinian graduated in 2015)


CUHK Medicine Admission Talk

University admission talks helped Paulinians have a thorough understanding of the universities and faculties that they are interested in. Entry requirements and application processes were also mentioned so that students can make better necessary preparations.

On 24 October 2020, Careers Team has invited Faculty of Medicine, CUHK to conduct an admission talk to our F4-F6 students and their parents via Zoom.


2020-21 F4 Careers Workshop

The Careers Workshop for F.4 students was held on 27th May this year. Presentations with different topics and activities were conducted to guide students on life planning. With career choices and progression to university as the main focus, the interactive sessions engaged students in exploring their preferences and options by reflecting on their interests, personality and strengths. In order to learn more about themselves, the students identified their Holland / RAISEC code through activities that were designed based on the workbook called: 'Career Mapping: A Career Development Tool for Senior Secondary Students'. Comprehensive information about local and overseas university pathways including Non-Jupas, Jupas routes were introduced to the students. The importance of values and work values when choosing an occupation or industry were explained in details.

For Human Library, we had a sharing session by alumni from different professions included Chinese Medicine Practitioner, News Reporter/Anchor, Registered Pharmacist, Strategy Consultant in Business Development, Music Producer, Trader at a French Bank, Educational Psychologist in-training, Orthopaedist, Senior Brand Director and Firewoman at the Control Station. Apart from talking about the rewards and challenges of their work, they also gave wholehearted advice on academic and career choices. Students were very engaged as they had the opportunity to gain insight into different industries and also learn about fascinating experiences at work. At the end of the workshop, students are equipped with the necessary tools for future planning and they are ready to make decisions through informed choices.