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The aims of the curriculum are to enable students to:

a. develop interest in exploring human behavior and social issues through an economic perspective;

b. understand better the world in which they live by providing them with the basic economic knowledge and skills;

c. enhance general intellectual capacity for life-long learning through developing their capacities in economic analysis, so that they possess the skills necessary for reasoning about issues and making rational choices; and

d. recognize their roles and responsibilities as members of the family, society and nation; and show concern for their well-being.



1. To integrate and develop the School year theme "Smart CITIES (Cradle for Integrating Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability)"

2. To sustain a diverse and innovative curriculum (IGCSE, IAL, DSE, BTEC, APL, EITP) and assessment that offer multiple pathways to students so as to prepare them for entry into tertiary education either locally or abroad

3. To prepare students for the fast changing technological world through STEM/STEAM: fostering collaborative learning through an interdisciplinary approach, Augmented Reality and other means in the Smart Oasis

4. To continue uplifting the academic ceilings of Paulinians through reading and challenging them with high-order thinking questions

5. To take advantage of the one belt one road policy to broaden the global outlook of our Paulinians

6. To strengthen the implementation of the school theme by focusing more on the entrepreneur aspect.y