Fee Remission Scheme
  1. Eligibility Criteria
  2. All students who are enrolled at St. Paulˇ¦s Convent School are eligible to apply for fee remission. The amount of fee remission granted to a needy student is expressed in the form of percentage reduction to the school fee depending on their home / financial situations. The level of fee remission is based on the points scored under the Reckoner in Annex A and Annex B. The Fee Remission Self-Assessment Platform can be found at The principal has full discretion to upgrading the level of the fee remission to the needy students in consultation with the Fee Remission / Scholarship Team. A Maintenance allowance may be granted to those with specific hardship.


  3. Application Procedures

    Parents/guardians who wish to benefit from the Fee Remission Scheme must submit the completed application form together with copies of the required documents before the second week of September. All information provided in the application form and the supporting documents submitted are subject to strict verification.


  4. Documents Required
  5. As attached Annex C
  1. Exceptional Cases
    4.1 Siblings in the same school

    Fee remission will be given to students when the total payment of school fees exceed 20% of the total income of the family.

    4.2 Emergency Financial Assistance

    If the financial circumstances of a studentˇ¦s family have changed adversely after the closing date of the fee remission application, parents are at liberty to make an application to the school for fee remission any time during the school year. Fee remission up to 100% will be granted to applicants subject to the information submitted in support of the application.

  2. Review of Policies

    The policies and rules will be reviewed from time to time by the school fee remission / scholarship team and changes will be made after the approval from school authority.