The mission of our staff development is to enhance the professional competence of our staff and to provide a variety of programmes to support them to become proactive and life-long learners.

International Conference on ICT in Teaching and Learning 2012

International Conference on ICT in Teaching and Learning 2012 cum 16th Web Symposium was hosted in our school on 5 July 2012. The theme of this year was ˇ§Engaging learners through emerging technologiesˇ¨. To support this theme, Apple Learning Academy ran two workshops on ˇ§eBook Development using iBooks Author in Teaching and Learningˇ¨ for our teachers in the Creative Media Laboratory. All our teachers participated in the conference events and inspired by the Keynote speakers on how to engage our students in mobile learning.

Seminar on e-Learning by Professor Wong Po Choi

Professor Wong Po Choi visited us on 21 June 2012. He gave a talk titled "From Learning to e-Learning". He introduced to us the idea of ˇ§Learning Intelligenceˇ¨ which is a combination of study skills that are particularly conductive through e-Learning. We found the ideas very inspiring and beneficial to us. Our teachers and students also shared with him our latest progress on iBooks authoring. We received valuable comments and ideas from professor and started to work on the next stage of improvements.

GCE & IGCSE Academic Trainings

During April to June 2012, a total of 10 training sessions on various GCE and IGCSE subjects (including GCE Psychology and Art & Design, IGCSE Art and Design, Chemistry, Mathematics, English, Accounting, Geography, ICT and Chinese) were organized by Edexcel in our school. All sessions were conducted by examiners from Edexcel flying from UK to Hong Kong. The aim of these trainings was to bring into focus the issues, which include planning of the course, preparing students for examinations and monitoring the coursework. All participating teachers found these training sessions very informative and useful.

19 Apr: IGCSE Art & Design

25 Apr: IGCSE Chemistry

4 May: IGCSE Math B

7 May: IGCSE English B

10 May: GCE Art & Design

11 May: GCE Psychology


29 May: IGCSE Accounting

8 June: IGCSE Geography

Training Workshop on iBooks Author

In order to make good use of IT technology in education, teachers from various key learning areas joined training sessions on 9th May and 16th May, 2012. With the assistance of trainers from Apple, teachers started to explore how the technology could help in their teaching.

Professional Development School (2011-2012)
Sharing Session on "Cross-border & Cross-cultural Programme of Partner Schools & Introducing the Use of Video Conference for Cultural Exchange among Schools in Hong Kong & China"

A seminar was held on 7th March 2012 for our Professional Development School Project (2011-12) - Using Cross-border Activities to Enhance the Learning and Teaching of Module 3 (Modern China) of NSS Liberal Studies. In the seminar, teacher representatives from St. Paulˇ¦s Convent School and 3 partner schools, namely, St. Margaret Girlsˇ¦ College Hong Kong, Pui Ying Secondary School and CHUKFAA Thomas Cheung Secondary School, shared the progress of organizational work, perceived difficulties, opportunities and evaluation of the Cross- border & Cross- cultural programmes of respective school. There was a demonstration on ˇ§Using Video Conference to facilitate Cultural Exchange with a school in United Kingdom outside Hong Kongˇ¨ by the end of the seminar. Participants found the seminar useful for planning the programs to broaden horizons of students of their schools.

Outstanding JPC Club Supervisor (WCH Dist)

In February, 2012, our club received a certificate of appreciation for long service (30 years). Mr S Chan was awarded the Outstanding JPC School Club Supervisor (WCH Dist) for his leadership of the club. Congratulations!

21st Century Learning Conference HK

On 17-18th February 2012, twelve teachers from different Key Learning Areas, together with our School Principal, have attended the 21st Century Learning Conference HK in Hong Kong International School. The Conference brought together educators from around Hong Kong and Asia to share their visions, experiences and challenges under the theme ˇ§Leading & Learning in Digital Schoolsˇ¨. It comprised of keynotes speeches, workshops, open forums and exhibition booths displaying the latest IT products. All teachers find this conference fruitful and help us a lot in planning for the future development in promoting ICT in learning and teaching in our school.

Joint-School Staff Development Day for Secondary Schools in Wan Chai District

On the 11th November 2011 all our teachers joined the Joint-School Staff Development Day for Secondary Schools in Wan Chai District held in our secondary school hall. The programme focused on ways to enhance student learning. Other workshop was also organized for the English-speaking NET teachers in the English Room.

Staff Development Day

On 29th August 2011, we had organized a seminar conducted by Mr. Chan Tak Hang. The seminar focued on the challenge faced by teachers of 21st century. It was a very inspiring talk. Teachers learned a lot from it and enjoyed a very fruitful morning.

New Teacher Induction

Our new teachers attended a series of New Teacher Induction Programme from 16th-22nd, August 2011. The programme introduced to them school culture, school administraion and IT training. It has helped them familiarize more quickly with their working environment.