The mission of our staff development is to enhance the professional competence of our staff and to provide a variety of programmes to support them to become proactive and life-long learners.

Staff Development Programme on 14 Oct 2023
A thematic talk comprising two sessions was held on 14 October 2023 as a highlight of the two-day annual ˇ§InnoGalaˇ¨ carnival. Keynote speakers Ms. Alison Chan Chi Yan and Professor Wong Kam Fai shed light respectively on the topics of ˇ§Applications of Generative AI Systems in Learningˇ¨ and the ˇ§Innovative Technology and Development in the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macauˇ¨.

Ms. Alison Chan Chi Yan from Solomon Education Group first took the stage to share with us the potential of generative AI systems in education. Her keynote address highlighted how these systems can support personalised learning and enhance teaching and learning experiences both in and outside the classroom. Our teachers were amazed to discover the transformative power of generative AI systems in education.

Professor Wong Kam Fai, a renowned expert in the field, captivated the audience with his keynote speech on the technological advancements in the Greater Bay Area. Our teachers gained insights into how the development of ˇ§Northern Metropolisˇ¨ could strengthen collaboration between Hong Kong and Shenzhen to establish the regionˇ¦s technological landscape.

The event fostered knowledge sharing and inspired our teachers to embrace the possibilities offered by emerging technologies in the realm of education.

Promethean ActivPanel Training Workshop for New Teachers
On 24 August 2023, a training workshop on the use of Promethean ActivPanel was conducted by our ICT teacher, Mrs. Priscilla Lam, for the new teachers. Tips on proper usage of the interactive white board were shared and essential features that suited the needs of different subjects were introduced to facilitate day-to-day teaching, enhancing pedagogical effectiveness and boosting classroom interaction. With hands-on experience gained in the training workshop, all new teachers were excited to try out the Promethean ActivPanel in their classes.

Workshop on Mediation
On 22 and 23 August, our school held a Mediation Workshop for all teachers. Social workers from the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society were invited to introduce the concept of mediation and assist us in mediating conflicts at school.

The workshop was divided into two sessions. In the morning session, the workshop focused on the basic concepts of satisfaction and the needs of people. Then, teachers were invited to participate in various hypothetical scenarios where conflicts among students may arise. By putting ourselves in the students' shoes, we learned to understand their needs more.

In the afternoon session, teachers took part in a simulation again, which we had to mediate confrontations between students from the start till the resolution. The activities all served as crucial reminders of how essential it is for everyone to show empathy on the school campus.

All in all, the workshop successfully helped teachersˇ¦ understanding of conflict resolution. Through activities such as role-playing, we gained a deeper insight into the importance of communication. We look forward to a safe, happy and harmonious learning environment by applying these newly learned skills with our students.

Workshop on Fujitsu Interactive Panel
The professional development on utilising the Fujitsu interactive panel took place on 22 August in Mathematic Room. The session was constructive and practical. The trainer showed us a lot useful features, such as how to annotate directly on the board, share student's device screens so their work can be displayed in the class, and save any annotations or notes taken for future lessons. Being able to annotate texts easily, demonstrate concepts visually, and engage students through interaction with their own devices will allow us to make lessons much more interactive and productive. Overall, it was a valuable session that equipped us with strategies to enhance teaching and learning through technology.