Italy Music Tour, 2018

From the18th to the 25th of February, 68 members of the SPCS Orchestra and Junior Choir participated in the bi-annual Europe Music Tour to Italy. We took our late evening flight to Venice on the 17th of February and arrived there the following day, checking in at the La Salle Campus (Institute Philippin, Treviso). Notwithstanding our long flight, our first activity was a choir rehearsal!

Over the next three days there were master classes for strings, brass, woodwind and percussion as well as small group and individual vocal training. These lessons were truly inspiring and we made sure we expressed our thanks to our lovely instructors. We also did our last minute preparations for our major concert performance, to be held at the Villa Benzi Zecchini (Caerano di San Marco) on the 22nd.

The concert was a great success. The junior choir performed 12 songs and the school orchestra performed two quartets, Haydn’s String Quartet, op.76 no.2 4th movement followed by the Kohler’s Grand Flute Quartet, op.92 Scherzo Allegro con fuoco, and Tchaikovsky’s String Serenade in C, Finale: Andante-Allegro con spirito. The finale was marked by two songs “Under the Lion Rock” (獅子山下) and “Amigos Para Siempre”, with the choir being accompanied by the orchestra. Every moment on stage was a moment to be savoured and remembered by all.

After all our efforts we then had some time to rest and reflect a little on the cultural heritage in the midst of which we found ourselves. A day trip to Venice included visits to Saint Mark’s Basilica, the world famous cathedral, to see its stunning architecture and gold mosaics; the Teatro La Fenice, one of the most famous and renowned landmarks in the history of Italian theatre; and the Chiesa di Santa Maria della Pieta, a church where Vivaldi composed some of his best pieces while teaching music to orphans.

The following day we went to Cremona, the city renowned for its history of violin making. We visited the Cremona Violin Making School, and everyone was able to understand and admire the beauty of the mechanics behind the lovely instruments. In the afternoon, we visited the Cremona Violin Museum and Stradivarius House, the latter holding the world’s finest and most expensive violins, including violins from the Amati, Stradivari and Guaneri families. These three families are known as the finest makers of the violin in history, and they all lived in Cremona.

Even though it was then time to leave Italy, everyone was taken on a half-day sight-seeing tour of Milan prior to the afternoon departure on the 25th. You can’t possibly go to Italy and not go to fashion capital Milan, after all! We saw the famous La Scala Theatre and Museum (the Museo Teatrale alla Scala), and the inside of the theatre was quite extraordinary in terms of scale and grandeur. In the museum there was an exhibition of pictures of famous composers and performers, as well as historical musical instruments and some of the magnificent costumes worn by the famous opera singer Maria Callas. Next was a visit to Milan Cathedral (Duomo di Milano), the 5th largest Christian church in the world and one of the most famous pieces of Gothic architecture in the world.

Everyone arrived safely home in Hong Kong on the 26th of February. We all felt privileged for having been given the chance to see the home of some of the greatest composers in history, and learn music from professional musicians in Italy. In addition, we were happy to have been able to perform and share our music with a new audience. This sight-seeing tour has broadened our horizons immeasurably and everyone is now looking forward to exploring other parts of the western musical heritage in 2020.






Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths (JENESYS) Programme

From 10 to 18 December, 2017, Nichole Cheung of F.5S participated as one of the Hong Kong student delegates in the Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths (JENESYS) Programme as organized by the Education Bureau and the Japanese Government.

From visits to famous religious spots such as the Kiyomizu-dera Temple and Kashihara Jingu Shrine, to field trips to the Miyako Ecology Center in Kyoto and the Tokyo Waterworks Historical Museum, student delegates gained much insight into the religion, history, and infrastructure of Japan. Other valuable experiences for the students included the school visits to Tokyo Shoyo High School and Kyoto Prefectural Yamashiro High School where they overcame differences in language and culture to develop strong friendships with the local students.

One of the highlights of the whole trip was the homestay. Students learnt to be more self-disciplined especially since they were required to live as if they were a family member of their Japanese host families.

Overall, the JENESYS programme provided student delegates with a great opportunity to broaden their horizons. They will find the friendships, experiences, memories and knowledge they have acquired over these few days to be both unique and invaluable.

Trip to the Global South-South Development (GSSD) EXPO 2017

On 25th of November, four Form 6 students set off for Antalya, Turkey, to attend a three-day GSSD Expo organized by the United Nations. The Expo was made up of forums, side events and 58 booths.

Prior to the opening of the Expo, our students spent a few hours visiting Kaleici, a historic city of Antalya. Despite the language barrier, the local people there were very pleasant, helpful and accommodating.

Our students Chelsea Lee, Joey Ng and Corinna Yuen of 6A, and Edith Cheng of 6U participated in different thematic forums featuring topics on youth employment, women empowerment and zero hunger. They were also invited to take the minutes in two of the forums.

Our four young delegates had brought along a poster and 50 booklets titled “Discover Hong Kong” for this Expo based on their UNESCO HK award winning project under the theme of Sustainable Tourism. Many delegates spoke very little English, but our students nevertheless managed to communicate their points of view clearly and well. They were then interviewed by the Phoenix Television Broadcasting Company about their views on international cooperation and the role of Hong Kong on the international stage.

Overall, the students found the trip eye-opening and wonderful. Not only did it give them holistic insight into critical world social issues but it also exposed them to a wide range of different peoples’ innovative and sustainable solutions. There was ample opportunity to meet and talk with people from different countries, backgrounds and ethnicities, and all the students were deeply inspired by the passion of activists and entrepreneurs all striving to contribute concrete strategies for the development and betterment of the world.

Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition 2017 Japan Exchange Tour

Our F.5 chemistry team was sponsored to participate in the Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition 2017 Japan Exchange Tour from 20 to 24 August 2017. The programme included not only visits to museums like National Museum of Nature and Science, Nagoya City Science Museum, but also Mitsubishi Motors’ Nagoya Plant as well as KEK Inter-University Research Institute, the largest particle physics laboratory in Japan where students met experts in nuclear physics. They also visited the laboratories and attended a lecture on laser fusion in the Institute of laser engineering, Osaka University. Being one of the Hong Kong delegate teams, Holy Chan (5A), Camellia Cheng (5U), Sinead Nam (5A) and Tiffany Yu (5P) presented their project “From Zero to Hero – Green Synthesis of Nanosilver for Dye Degradation” to Japanese high school students. Students enjoyed interaction with peers who shared a love of scientific endeavour.



Study and Service Tour to Beijing and Xuanhua in Hebei, China

Queenie Ho of 5P, Maisie Luk of 4S, Chloe Luk of 4T, Janice Ng of 3S, Prudence Tang of 3P and Janis Chui of 3U joined a fruitful, enriching 9-day study tour to Beijing and Xuanhua in Hebei, from July 12 to 20, 2017.

They had the privilege to attend the STEAM course held by professionals in Tsinghua University, in which they learnt about 3D printing and making circuit boards. This was a golden opportunity for them to be exposed to new technologies, which has broadened their horizons and equipped them with useful skills for the future.

Moreover, they had the chance to experience being a teacher, as they took part in teaching students from Xuanhua No.1 and No.4 Middle School. The girls could apply some of the 7Cs’ in their teaching process, including ‘conscience’, for the students’ needs and interest; ‘courage’, while conveying their ideas to the students and ‘creativity’, when coming up with teaching materials and lesson plans. This teaching experience also allowed them to learn more about the education system in the Mainland China and to make new friends from Hebei. This trip was indeed meaningful and unforgettable to them. As a Chinese, they felt deeply proud to learn that China’s science, technology and education are advancing at a great speed.



Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies International Institutes Summer Program 2017

From July 10-July 22, 40 SPCS Form 3 students participated in the Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies International Institutes summer program 2017. This was an exciting and enriching camp entailing learning both inside and outside of classrooms. The diversity of classes in the field of both science and humanities made the program very stimulating and dynamic. Classes ranged from a wide area of academics such as Neuroscience, Anatomy workshop, Artificial Intelligence, Mathematical Logic & Problem Solving, Engineering, Environmental Science, Exploring Aural Environments, Legal Studies, Expository Writing, Normativity, Leadership, Visual Design Thinking, Cracking Codes and Persuasive Communication. Of special mention were the Stanford Anatomy Lab visit and the STEM workshop. At the Anatomy lab, students had the opportunity to see the state-of-the-art Anatomage Table, a large touch screen table used for clinical anatomy education. At the STEM workshop, students were given the chance to try indoor skydiving to help them grasp a deeper understanding of the concepts of gravity and friction from air resistance. Such a variety of classes gave students a wide exposure, giving them a change to cultivate interests in broader areas of studies. An important aspect of the program was the Global Solutions Project which required working with students from other countries.

During the program, a multicultural fair was also held in which four countries participated - Brazil, China, Hong Kong and Singapore. Each country was given booth(s) to showcase various aspects of its culture. SPCS students had booths for Chinese traditional folklore puppet show, Chinese games and Chinese calligraphy. This cultural exchange between participants facilitated understanding and appreciation of different cultures and helped build connections thorough social interaction.

Outside of classrooms, students also immensely enjoyed exploring Stanford and San Francisco. The trip to California’s Great America theme park was packed with fun and provided a great opportunity for students to relax and enjoy the thrill of the rides. The visit to Levi's Stadium, a city tour of San Francisco on an open roof top bus, and the trip to Fisherman’s Wharf provided valuable experiences and memories for students to take home.

All in all, the program was hugely rewarding from the perspective of academics and personal growth. It is therefore not surprising that the Stanford Pre-collegiate Studies International Institutes summer program remains an all-time favourite among Paulinians.

Brescia Girls LEAD Leadership Training Programme 2017

On 1st July, seventy Form 3 students set off for Canada to attend a two-week leadership camp at Brescia University College, located in London, Ontario. The camp comprised various lessons and activities with a specific theme each day, such as “Confidence and Self-esteem”, “Communication”, and “Understanding Differences”, all crucial to helping students develop their leadership skills. The students were divided into groups and led by counsellors, who are exemplars of leadership.

Special guests shared their stories and experience about their journey to success and leadership in the lessons, which often entailed an activity to reinforce students’ learning and enhance their comprehension of the topic explored. The guest lectures were certainly not just insightful, but enjoyable for participants owing to the incorporation of fun games that aimed at making students more aware of the importance of qualities vital in leadership.

In the midst of the camp, students had the chance to visit one of the seven wonders of the world, Niagara Falls. It made a lasting imprint on students as the view of the waterfalls is simply breathtaking, and absolutely mesmerizing. Apart from the excursion to Niagara Falls, students also visited Fanshawe Pioneer Village, and bathed themselves in joyful tunes while enjoying local cuisines in the “Oh Canada Eh!” dinner show. They learnt much more about Canada and its culture.

The array of fun activities and inspiring lessons conducted in these two weeks, such as the notable YMCA low ropes challenge, encouraged students to step out of their place of comfort, and allowed them to gain valuable knowledge and experience in leadership. To find out more about the students’ experience in Brescia and their reflection, please visit

Oxford Summer School Programme 2017 at Christ Church, Oxford

This year’s Summer School Programme at Christ Church, University of oxford took place from the 1st-16th July and involved 30 Form 4 students and 3 teachers: Mr. N. Maxwell, Miss. K. Lau and Miss. C. Ng. The academic focus was science and involved biology, medicine, chemistry (Graphene projects) and computational thinking.

In addition to these, the programme contained areas such as critical thinking designed to introduce students to problem solving and the formulation of an argument especially in essay and written contexts. The students also carried out an ‘Engineering Challenge’ designed to explore quick and strategic thinking in scientific and critical design principles. In other classes students were introduced to Computational Thinking and ideas of project-driven logic and how multinational ‘mega’ projects are coordinated, designed and critically produced. To supplement the academic focus, the students were given a talk on University Skills and training in public speaking and debating skills.

Apart from academic engagement there were also a lot of cultural excursions. During the week there were visits to the various museums in Oxford such as the University of Oxford Natural History Museum and the Science Museum followed by fish and chips in a traditional pub. On the weekend trips further afield took place. On Saturday they went to Blenheim Palace, and then to a quaint English village in the Cotswolds. On the Sunday it was off to London and the Science Museum, the London Eye, shopping in Covent Garden followed by dinner in China Town.

The SPCS Oxford Summer School Programme 2017 at Christ Church was truly a magical and inspiring experience for both the students and the teachers. The academic atmosphere, the history, the culture and the world of the University of Oxford will truly remain with us forever.



「蜀道難,難於上青天。」四川,我們來了!不復艱難的蜀道,連通了天府之國與錦繡香江,七天的行程,留下的是美好的回憶! 這片古老與現代、富饒與災難並存的土地,生機與希望寫在孩子們的臉上,也深深印在了我們的心底 ……


In the week of November 7th, 14 Paulinians flew to New York City to take part in the Empire Mock Trial, a prestigious international mock trial tournament held for state and national champions. Being winners of the Hong Kong round, we Paulinians represented not just our own school but represented the Hong Kong team too. Other competing teams included those from schools in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, South Korea and Ireland. Our intense six- month long preparation paid off and we achieved great results, gaining valuable experience from competing with international teams.

The case assigned to us this year was a criminal lawsuit against a man suspected of terrorism against a US presidential candidate. Students had to play roles of witnesses and attorneys from both the prosecution and defence side, engaging in cross and direct examinations. Our SPCS team members included: Linda Wu (5S); Michelle Lai (5S); Vicky Chiu (5T), Jasleen Gill (5T), Vanessa Li (5T); Twinkle Chow (5A), Priscilla Ng (5A); Julia Lee (4S), Sabrina Lee (4S), Stephanie Ng (4S), Doris Wong (4S), Verena Yiu (4S); Laura Fung (4P); Clare Li (4A).

The mock trial competitions were held over two days in actual courtrooms of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York in Brooklyn. Our earlier long and gruelling hours of preparation and online friendly scrimmages with other overseas schools over Skype did indeed help us present our case in a professional manner in the courtroom. Being in a real courtroom and presenting before a judge and jury gave us excellent exposure to what practising attorneys do in real courtrooms. Not just limited to the intense competition itself, we also had the chance to tour New York City and socialize with other international teams. The organizer, Empire, arranged for all participants to tour the One World Observatory as well as take a short cruise to see the Statue of Liberty. Our other touristy activities included a tour of New York City in an open-air double decker bus, watching a Broadway musical and, of course, some shopping.

Overall, the Empire Mock Trial competition has left us with lasting memories of a very worthwhile experience where we not only got the opportunity to represent our school in an international arena but also had a chance to challenge our critical thinking skills and meet other participants from around the world.






PROGRAM DATE: 6 JULY 2016 – 17 JULY 2016

The Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies International Institutes summer program was yet another successful academic and recreational summer camp for our Form 3 SPCS students. The diversity of classes in the field of both humanities and sciences made the program very stimulating and dynamic. Classroom sessions ranged from a wide area of academics such as Anthropology, Blogging, Mathematical Explorations, Neuroscience, Legal Studies, Creative Writing, Visual Design Thinking and Effective Non Verbal Communication. Our students found the classes to be very enriching as they heightened their interest in fields that have not been part of their regular school curriculum.

Not just limited to classrooms, the students also had various filed trips to broaden their horizons. A highlight of this camp was the trip to The Monterey Bay Aquarium, an underwater world of amazement with more than 550 species on display, including octopuses, jellyfish, sharks, sea otters and other exotic marine life. The field trip to the Computer History Museum in the heart of Silicon Valley was another fascinating historical adventure in the technology domain. The visit to The Cantor Centre for Visual Arts at the Stanford University campus, with its diverse treasure of art collection, and the scenic Capitola beach with its deep blue sea and clear blue skies, were also much enjoyed by the students.

Overall, the Summer Pre-Collegiate Studies International Institutes summer camp continues to be an exciting and rewarding experience for the SPCS students.

Christ Church, Oxford University Study Tour 2016

This year from July 3rd to 16th 40 students and 5 teachers went to Christ Church, one of the most world-renowned colleges at Oxford University in the U.K. This summer school programme was designed specifically for our students and contained two academic-focus subject strands: the Science Focus which explored Biology, Medicine, Chemistry and Computational Thinking, and the Humanities Focus which comprised of Economics, Finance, Politics and International Relations.

Both courses involved the students to engage in critical thinking and to explore quick and strategic thinking through various challenges that involved teamwork, logic and problem solving. The students got to interact with a variety of academics from young PHD students to Engineers and other Master degree Oxford graduates. It was academically challenging and gave them an insight into studying at university. The students also had a session on university application and interview skills.

The course culminated with a graduation ceremony and the presentation of certificates. This was followed by drinks (sparkling elderflower water) on the lawn in one of the many famous gardens in Christ Church. This garden housed the famous tree with a hole in it that inspired Lewis Carroll to write “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. After the students had presented their tutors with thank you cards it was time for a High Table five-course dinner in the Great Hall (famous as Hogwart’s Dining Hall in the “Harry Potter” books). The food was sumptuous and atmosphere felt magic as they dined surrounded by the portraits of past famous Christ Church graduates.

This trip to Oxford was not only about classroom learning, students were given several wonderful cultural experiences. On the weekend they got to explore a traditional English village in the Cotswolds and to visit the former family home of Winston Churchill – Blenheim Palace. Students got tour the many stately rooms, taking in the history of this breathtaking ancestral home and to wander through the beautiful landscaped gardens.

On the Sunday it was a day in the British capital – London. After a visit to the British Museum with its Greek and Egyptian artifacts, students got to see this famous city through 360 degree views from on top of the London Eye. No trip to London would be complete without some shopping at Covent Garden and the day ended with a delicious Chinese meal in China Town.

The study tour to Christ Church, Oxford will certainly stay with the students for the rest of their lives. Intellectual exchange, museum visits, and experiencing British life-style sum up this ‘magical’ experience. Living in such an historic and academically renowned institution, being woken by the bells of the Cathedral as they chimed and blended with other church bells that rung out over this historic city was certainly a treasured experience.

Brescia Girls LEAD Leadership Training Programme 2016

On 2nd July 2016, 48 Form 3 students set off for London, Ontario, Canada to attend a two-week leadership camp at Brescia University College. The programme was meticulously planned to fit in various activities and outings that provided us with ample opportunity to hone our leadership qualities. Each day is set around a meaningful theme, such as “Knowing Myself”, “Confidence& Self-Esteem,”, “Understanding Differences”, “Teamwork”, “Setting Goals”, etc. The objective of each day was to let us learn something new or to improve on prior knowledge. The entire two-week programme is designed with three tiers, which allows us to develop our leadership skills step-by-step.

With a combination of games, lectures, sports and outings, the camp enabled us to learn through both work and play. The camp allowed us to experience a lot of new things, such as completing a Low and High Ropes Challenge, cooking our own meals and visiting the magnificent Niagara Falls. The cultural activities provided us lots of opportunities to explore the cultural differences between Hong Kong and Canada. This helps us feel more relax when work with the Canadians. This cultural exchange tour encouraged us to step out of our comfort zones, take up responsibilities and broaden our horizons. We were able to forge strong bonds with one another and learn a lot about ourselves through activities and daily reflections. This trip was fruitful, delightful and benefited us greatly. We are more confident in taking leader roles in the near future and will not forget it in the years to come. To know more on what we have learnt, feel free to visit our blog at

Study Tour to Spain 2nd – 16th July 2016

This year 45 students from Forms 1, 2 & 3 took part in a study and cultural tour to Avila, Spain. In the mornings, the students had 4 hours of Spanish lessons at the University of Salamanca, Avila Campus. They were divided into 3 levels based on ability and aptitude. The lessons consisted of 2 hours of Spanish Language, 1 hour of Communication and 1 hour of Spanish Culture. Although some were reticent at first, the students quickly gained confidence and towards the end of the first week they were willing to speak up and communicate with their teachers. At the end of the course they were tested and awarded certificates according to their achievement.

In the afternoons, students took part in various activities, which included learning how to dance flamenco and salsa, playing a popular Spanish board game, having a cooking lesson in which they made (and then tasted!) a delicious Spanish ‘tortilla’ (omelette) and a quiz on Spanish culture. A new activity this year involved students racing round Avila in groups and using their Spanish conversation skills to ask local people the answers to various questions about the city. This proved very popular and gave the students confidence in their ability to communicate.

At the weekend and on two afternoons, there were excursions to other cities of cultural interest within easy reach of Avila. These were to the capital, Madrid; Segovia, famous for its Roman aqueduct; Salamanca, considered the ‘Oxford’ of Spain and Toledo, famous for its mix of various cultures. Students found these excursions worthwhile and interesting and could relate some of the sights to what they had learnt in History lessons. In addition, their spoken Spanish improved as they were required to use it when talking to the guides and in shops.

Adjacent to the residence where they stayed, are the Church and Monastery of Saint Thomas of Aquino and on the last day students visited the beautiful Gothic-style cloisters and rose garden.

Our students made a good impression while in Spain, both at the Residence where the staff commented on their good manners and at the school where the teachers found them willing and polite learners.

All in all, the study tour was successful, both in terms of the students’ Spanish language acquisition, especially their spoken language, and in widening their general knowledge of Spanish culture.

Immersion Programme to France (2nd July 2016)

On the 2nd of July, 34 students and 4 teachers took the plane and set off for France for the French Immersion Programme to Saint Denis International School in Loches, France. When we arrived at Paris, we then took a coach which was already waiting and headed off to the school. The journey took about 4 hours. The students were all tired but excited.

On weekdays, the students took language courses in the morning and in the afternoon, the school organized activities and outings, which included visiting the famous castles Chenonceau and Montpoupon, the dungeon, the chocolate factory, playing golf and then, of course shopping. We also celebrated the National Day of France on 14th July and we carried torches and watched the fireworks at night with the local people. During the weekend, we had an excursion to Paris the capital. We took a boat ride on the famous River Seine and visited the Louvre Museum. Shopping along the renowned Champs-Elysee was also a must and students were busy shopping while admiring the Arc de Triomphe.

The students were divided into groups during the stay and they were responsible for updating the blog every day, preparing for the presentation when we returned to school and the decoration of the bulletin board. Apart from the improvement in the French language, they had a taste of the French culture and they also learned self-discipline, independence and co-operation with one another. It was a valuable experience for all of them. Bravo!



SPCS Europe Music Tour (10 – 20 February 2016)

The SPCS Europe Music Tour 2016 was organized for the Symphony Orchestra and Junior Choir members ranging from Forms 1 to 5 during the Chinese New Year holiday. We had the invaluable opportunities to visit Vienna in Austria, Brno and Prague in Czech Republic and Berlin in Germany this year.The highlight of this music tour was our time spent in Janacek Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno, Czech Republic. All students attended small-group master classes with professional musicians and teachers. While the choir members were taking interactive voice lessons and learning Czech folk songs, the Symphony Orchestra members were given a chance to polish their performance skills with different masters. We even had the precious chance to rehearse and perform a full concert with a local youth orchestra in Brno. The Symphony Orchestra performed Dvorak’s Slavonic Dance Op.46 No 2, 3 and 4 with the Czech Orchestra while the Junior Choir performed an impressive repertoire of songs including two traditional Chinese pieces “大海啊故鄉” and “微笑吧朋友”. The concert was a huge success and the audience which comprised of local musicians and their families filled the whole concert hall and balcony with applause and standing ovation. Our students were touched by the audience’s passionate response and we are definitely proud of their achievement. Besides attending music classes and performing in the concert, our students visited various sights and museums in all four cities throughout the tour. In Vienna, the students had a marvelous time strolling in the Stadtpark in which you could see statues of famous musicians. Students also visited the Vienna Opera House and joined a guided tour inside the opera house. We even entered the backstage and saw the magnificent decor of the grand hall where the emperors and historical figures had sat down and enjoyed a concert. In Brno, we hiked up the small hill and were stunned by the amazing panorama of the whole city at the Spielburk Castle. Upon arrival at Prague, we even visited the renowned Charles Bridge and St. Vitus Cathedral. With snow falling on our hats and jackets, the sight was absolutely wonderful. All students had an extraordinary time in Europe and were more than grateful to have such a fruitful and memorable experience. This tour allowed students to savour the beauty of music and encouraged them to strive for higher aspirations in music in the future. The memories we had throughout the Music Tour are forever carved in our hearts.

Mock Trial USA

From 18th to 25th November 2015, twelve SPCS students proudly represented their school and country in the annual Empire Mock Trial in San Francisco, USA. The team members included Peary Chong (F.6S), Joyce Ho (F. 5S), Claire Tsui (F.5S), Karen Li (F.5T), Jenny Wong (F.5T), Jaymie Wong (F.5A), Helen Chui (F.5U), Patricia Ricafort (F.5U), Alison Chan (F.5L), Rita Kan (F.4S), Daniela Lui (F.4T) and Vicky Chiu (F.4U). Vicky Chui, who sang the national anthem on behalf of her team members, was one of the ten students who won the Outstanding Witness Award.
Throughout the Mock Trial competition, our students competed with high caliber students from across the globe in one of the most magnificent courthouses in the US. They advocated zealously in the courtrooms, acting as Plaintiff and Defence attorneys and witnesses on behalf of their “client”. Challenged to think on the spot and argue effectively, the competition was a great opportunity for our students to learn from the style and presentation skills of their adversaries. In addition, they were able to cultivate friendships with students from other participating schools through events such as the Empire Exchange and the dinner cruise.

善德關愛科研 – 2015 北京、西安航天科技發展考察團

From 9th August to 15thAugust, Maisie Ng (F.6P) and approximately 100 representatives from various secondary schools in Hong Kong participated in a study tour named「善德關愛科研 – 2015 北京、西安航天科技發展考察團」, jointly organised by the Hong Kong Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology and the Hong Kong Shine Tak Foundation. During this one-week programme, Maisie visited a lot of places related to aerospace development, such as the National Astronomical Observatory of China, the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Xi'an Aeronautical Polytechnic Institute, in Beijing, China. She gained a lot of knowledge about the history of the aircraft industry and modern aerospace technology. In addition, Maisie visited the site for testing rocket-propelling devices and met one of China’s astronauts, Jing HaiPeng. It was indeed a valuable opportunity for her to enhance her knowledge of aerospace and exploit her interest in the field.

Future Pilot Training Programme 2015

From 18th July - 1st August, Peary Chong (5S), Janice Choi (5S), Janet Lee (5P) and Katherine Ho (5A) participated in the Future Pilot Training Programme 2015, which was jointly organized by the HKDSSSC and the School of Aviation of the UNSW. During this two-week programme, not only were they able to build up their knowledge of aviation but they also received five hours of training in flying a DA40 aircraft. In addition, they took part in a cross-country flight to the Temora Aviation Museum, which was a good opportunity for them to learn about the history of aviation. Through this programme, our students were able to broaden their horizon and take a step towards achieving their dream of joining the aviation industry in the future.


The Stanford International Youth Program (‘SIYP’) 2015 was yet another highly educational and successful experience for SPCS Form 3 students. We attended classes in subjects as diverse as Neuroscience, Design Thinking, Intuitive Problem Solving, Investigations in Engineering, Compassionate Leadership, Mathematical Explorations, Engineering, Artificial Intelligence & Video Game Design, Intuitive Problem Solving, Endocrinology and a Writing workshop. These intellectually stimulating and enriching classes helped us widen our horizons and develop an appreciation of some of the subjects that we had not been exposed to before. A highlight of the youth program was the visit to the Digital Anatomy Lab at the Stanford University School of Medicine. Here, we obtained experience in handling state-of-the-art interactive digital anatomy equipment, such as the Oculus Rift Virtual reality headset and other ultra sophisticated anatomy iPad apps.
Our rigorous academic camp at Stanford was also combined with field trips and social and recreational activities. We thoroughly enjoyed the wonders of the ocean world at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, with its more than 550 marine species on display. A quick trip to the Stanford shopping centre and a day spent in the panoramic city of San Francisco were also very delightful. Here, the must-do tourist attraction, i.e., the majestic orange-colored Golden Gate Bridge, was on our itinerary too and we found it to be quite impressive. We eagerly took many photographs to mark our presence in this enchanting city. An educational visit to the Silicon Valley’s star attraction, the Computer History Museum, gave us a deeper appreciation of the evolution of cutting edge technology. Other recreational activities, such as the Stanford Youth Orchestra Concert, tie-and-dye T-shirt making and henna decoration, were also quite entertaining. Overall, the SIYP camp continues to be an exciting and rewarding experience for SPCS students.


2015年7月8日至17日,我校中二級同學和來自澳洲聖保祿國際學校的部分同學參加了由清華大學主辦的「中國文化與普通話課程」。同學們沐浴在北京燦爛的陽光下,學習普通話和中國傳統文化藝術 —— 篆刻、剪紙和武術。他們遊覽長城、故宮、天壇、圓明園、盧溝橋,領略中華歷史文化的博大精深;參觀胡同、四合院、奧林匹克公園和城市規劃館等,了解北京過去、現在與未來的發展。同學們學得開心、遊得盡興,團隊合作的意識不斷增強,獨立生活的能力也有所提高,品格和意志更是得到了磨礪。

Brescia Girls LEAD Leadership Training Programme 2015

On 8th July 2015, 40 Form 3 students set off for London, Ontario, Canada to attend a two-week leadership camp organised by Brescia University College. The programme comprised a wide range of activities and lectures and we had numerous opportunities to build and apply our leadership qualities. The counsellors meticulously planned the activities of each day around a special theme, such as 'Framing Leadership', 'Confidence and Self-esteem', 'Understanding Differences' and 'Role Models', which allowed us to focus on one aspect of leadership at a time. We also learnt many valuable lessons, such as how every small action can impact people around us and that we should always try to set a good example to our juniors, who look up to us.
Providing a combination of games, lectures, sports and outings, the camp enabled us to learn through both work and play. During the two fruitful weeks we spent at Brescia, we experienced many things for the first time, such as completing a Low Ropes Challenge, cooking our own meals and visiting the fantastic Niagara Falls. This cultural exchange tour encouraged us to step out of our comfort zones, take up responsibilities and broaden our horizons. We were able to forge strong bonds with one another and learn a lot about ourselves through activities and daily reflections. This trip was extremely enjoyable and benefited us greatly. We will not forget it in the years to come.


細雨迷濛的夏日五月,中一全級師生共246人進入了韶關市,進行為期三天兩夜(2015年5月8日至10日)的遊學活動。是次活動除了讓初中生認識丹霞山的地質地貌,了解丹霞山作為世界自然遺產對當地環境、經濟及民生的機遇和挑戰,也讓學生親身體會國情,並拓闊了視野。 抵達丹霞山後,學生遊經了陽元山、天生橋、臥龍崗原始森林、錦石岩等自然景區,也參觀了地質博物館,對丹霞山的自然環境保育及發展有了更深的認識。活動範圍為自然山區,行程攀山過水,碰上首天細雨綿綿,學生們吃了點苦頭,但也窺見了丹霞山飄渺嫵媚的一面。當氣喘噓噓地攀到錦石岩上,俯瞰山下赭山碧水,聽那梵聲佛唱,不期然有遠離塵?,心靈滌蕩的感悟。也慨嘆大自然的瑰美,更深切明白自然保育的重要性。


Twelve students from SPCS participated in the inaugural Empire Mock Trial in San Francisco, USA, from 20 to 24 November 2014. Among the 24 competing teams from around the world, our school team is the first Hong Kong Team to participate in an International High School Mock Trial Tournament. The Team only had around six weeks to prepare for this simulated court case. They had to prepare for both the Plaintiff and the Defence, acting as attorneys and witnesses to fight on behalf of their clients. The trials took place in the Federal District Court of San Francisco and were judged by practicing legal professionals. The 12 members are Alison Chan and Stephanie Ng of Form 4P, Patricia Ricafort of Form 4A, Peary Chong of Form 5S, Jennifer Lau, Kristie Leung, Sherrie Ng, Andrea Wong and Priscilla Sung of Form 5T, Eunice Yiu of Form 5P, Jasmin Tsang of Form 5L and Winifred Liu of Form 6T. Alison Chan of Form 4P has won the Outstanding Witness Award. Besides, our team was only 1.5 ballots away from the Top Ten Teams of the Tournament. Well done and congratulations to all team members!


The two-week Stanford International Youth Camp (“SIYP”) 2014 at the prestigious Stanford University, USA, was yet another exciting summer experience for our students. From August 5 to August 19, 2014, a batch of thirty form 3 students, accompanied by three chaperones, attended the SIYP program. It was an experience that whetted our students’ intellectual curiosity in a highly stimulating academic environment. During this enriching academic programme, our students experienced real Stanford classes, lived in a Stanford residence, ate in Stanford dining halls and overall got a glimpse of the academically rigorous yet personally fulfilling life of a regular Stanford University student. Classes were in such diverse yet thought-provoking and fascinating areas as Evolutionary Biology, Neuroscience, Mathematical Explorations, Artificial Intelligence, US Constitutional Law, Business & Entrepreneurship, Intuitive Problem Solving and Writing and Journalism workshops. Whatever the field of subject, our students found all classes to be immensely engaging and motivating. During our academic enrichment program, what was definitely not to be missed was the visit to the Stanford Clinical Anatomy Lab where students witnessed the state-of-the-art ‘virtual dissection table’! A powerful and effective training tool for medical students, this device is a stretcher-sized multi-touch screen table that allows the medical students to virtually examine, dissect and develop an understanding of the human anatomy – all without using a real cadaver. With one swipe of the finger, the virtual human and his virtual body organs were dissected and students could view the images enlarged, as cross-sections, etc. After a full day of lessons that ended in late afternoons, students then engaged in social and recreational activities. From creating psychedelic tie dye T-shirts, hand painting with henna, 3 hour hiking on sprawling Stanford grounds to see the three satellite dishes, social dinners with other campers from Asia, barbequing s’mores, etc., to various exciting field trips, we surely had our daily dose of fun too. One of our most memorable field trips was to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, reputed to be one of the finest in the world. We were mesmerized by the beauty and wonder of the diverse marine life, especially the vibrant coloured jelly fish and the cute sea otters. The San Francisco Zoo, home to more than 250 species, was another exciting experience for the students. Stanford had also organized a field trip to The De Young Art Museum, a must see tourist destination where interesting exhibits included those on ‘Modernism’ from the National Gallery of Art as well as ‘Native American Art’. Of course, a special mention must also be made of our noteworthy visit to the Vista Point at Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Here, students took plenty of photos, capturing the panoramic view of San Francisco Bay Area. The Computer History Museum was also a very fascinating experience where our campers were able to conceptualize the impact of the computing revolution on the human race. The trip to the Stanford Shopping Centre as well as Union Square in San Francisco was much enjoyed by the students, not only for some quick retail therapy, but also to indulge in some great Californian food. Overall, the trip to Stanford University was definitely a memorable one for our students which left cherished memories of not only academic distinction but motivated them to strive hard, from great heights to the pinnacle of excellence!

London Study Tour – STEM Summer School at Imperial College

On 7th to 18th July, 24 Form 4 students participated in the STEM Summer School at Imperial College, London. Their horizons have been broadened as they attended vivid academic courses of Chemistry and Mathematics, made friends with their college mentors, and ventured London’s magnificent scenic spots. Throughout the tour they were flushed with thoughts and emotions of reluctance, bitterness, but at the same time exhilaration and gratitude.

Chemistry Week: “With experimentation comes surprise and discovery.”
“In the first week, we attended Chemistry lessons with activity leader, Avni, wherein we were introduced to a variety of innovative hands-on activities. The first day commenced with a simple topic of the States of Matter; towards the end of the lesson we received a wonderful surprise from our mentors - strawberry icecream frozen by liquefied nitrogen (using the principles we learnt in States of Matter)! Later in the week we were introduced to Colorful Corrosives Experiments. Instead of merely doing the typically mundane titration experiments - hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide like our textbooks required, we got to think out of the box and try out new chemicals - cranberry jam, lemonade, antacid pills - and discovered surprising color changes! We did more complex experiments along the week. In the Chemistry Clock Experiment, we strived hard for accuracy in measuring solution volumes such that the color could change in the exact second we intended, playing in sync with the music, The Eye of the Tiger.” Students were also taught the essence of cooperation throughout our chemical experiments. In the Luminol Experiment where they were to create their own glow sticks, they learnt to cooperate and compromise in their own group – one student had to be responsible for pouring the solutions; while the other responsible for photo-taking. It had been a fascinating Chemistry week overall. Not only had they discovered surprises in the experimental processes, but also attained essential qualities of a scientist.

Mathematics Week: “Smile. Math is fun!”
The following Math week with activity leader, Luke, had been packed with lightness and enthusiasm. Whilst they were frustratedly thinking over Luke’s tricky math problems, he would always pop in to say, “Smile. Math is fun!” Instead of becoming pokerfaced over mundane topics like Algebra and Calculus, they looked into stimulating topics that proved Math to be fun. “One of our very interesting math topics included Shapes and Network, wherein we realized that the application of Euler’s Formula was not only limited to 3D shapes but also to 2D shapes. We were encouraged to think deeper about simple mathematics principles. In more complex topics such as Cryptography, we learnt the importance of patience and creativity to fully decode messages. It was particularly rewarding to finally figure out what the secret code was after numerous trials and errors. We were amazed by the convenience cryptography brought to our daily lives –whether it was providing secured online shopping or passing secret messages. “ In addition to Cryptography, Game Theory and Rockets were also very related to our daily lives. Today Game Theory exists in business deals, wars and relationships; while Rockets enables space exploration through applying Mathematics calculation and Physics principles. Students were deeply impressed by the significant role Math played in daily lives, and had discovered Math to be truly fun throughout the week.

Non-Academic Activities: “The minutes rushed past, without compassion for our enthusiasm.”
Taking a break from class, students experienced wonder and awe in London’s most acclaimed museums. They were amazed by the Science Museum’s technological advancements; enamored by the V&A Museum’s extravagant art pieces; and stunned by the Natural History Museum’s exquisite exterior design. They were also captivated by the breathtaking scenery of London from the London Eye and intrigued by the story of Henry VIII and his sixth wives as they wandered along the ornate Hampton Court Palace. Their other entertainments included watching the play War Horse and the Ugly Animal Roadshow. War Horse portrayed an intense relationship between a boy and his horse. It was technically superb, and content-wise sentimental. The Ugly Animal Roadshow on a humorous note highlighted the importance of respecting and protecting animals equally against extinction.

French Immersion Programme 2014

On the 30th June 2014, 41 students of our school went to Loches in France for 2 weeks of Immersion Programme, accompagnied by 5 teachers. They stayed in St. Denis International School to have French lessons in the morning from 9 am to 12:30 pm, and every day in the afternoon they had different cultural activities, for example, they visited a goat cheese factory, a chocolate factory, two castles and they also practised golf. They also went to Paris for the week-end and visited the famous monuments like Eiffel Tower, Arc of Triumph, Champs-Elysees, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Sacred Heart and Montmartre. The students improved a lot in their communication skills in French as they had fun activities in class, like going to the market place to interview customers in the different shops. The teachers were impressed by their performance and the students enjoyed it a lot.

Brescia tour 2014

June 30th 2014 was not only St. Paul’s Day but it was also the start of the tour to Brescia University College in London, Ontario, Canada, for 30 F.3 Paulinians and 3 of our teachers. Through the different activities that the counselors had organized for us, we had a better understanding of ourselves and learnt valuable lessons in leadership. The Low Ropes Challenge, for example, taught us the importance of teamwork and that trying to execute a task on one’s own can lead to conflicts. Every member in a group plays an important role and is essential to the completion of a task. We also learnt that one of the keys to success is effective communication and cooperation with others. Everyday at Brescia was a learning experience for us and broadened our minds as well as widened our horizons. Besides that, we had a wonderful time at the magnificent Niagara Falls and the scenic butterfly conservancy. We were truly awed by the beauty of nature. In essence, our 2-week stay at the hotel-like Brescia University College residence was filled with laughter and joy and when the time came to leave Canada, we were all quite upset. We have come away from that peaceful and beautiful country with lots of precious memories and knowledge that will stay with us for a long time.

Study Tour to Spain 30th June – 12th July 2014

Hola! This year 50 students from Forms 1, 2, 3 & 4 took part in a study and cultural tour to Avila, Spain. In the mornings, the students had 5 hours of Spanish lessons at the University of Salamanca, Avila Campus. They were divided into 4 levels based on ability and aptitude. The lessons consisted of 3 hours of Spanish language, 1 hour of Communication and 1 hour of Spanish culture. Although they were reticent at first, the students quickly gained confidence and towards the end of the first week they were willing to speak up and communicate with their teachers. During their visit the students got to put their Spanish to practical use when shopping and exploring various Spanish cities. At the end of the course they were tested and awarded certificates according to their achievement.

In the afternoons, students took part in various activities, which included learning how to dance flamenco, singing a popular Spanish song, having a cooking lesson in which they made (and then tasted!) a delicious Spanish ‘tortilla’ (omelette) and finally a quiz on Spanish culture. At the weekend and on two afternoons, there were excursions to other cities of cultural interest within easy reach of Avila. These were to the capital, Madrid; Segovia, famous for its Roman aqueduct; Salamanca, considered the ‘Oxford’ of Spain and Toledo, famous for its mix of various cultures. Students found these excursions worthwhile and interesting and could relate some of the sights to what they had learnt in History lessons. In addition, their spoken Spanish improved as they were required to use it when talking to the guides and in shops.

Adjacent to the residence where they stayed, are the Church and Monastery of Saint Thomas of Aquino and on the last day students were given a private guided tour of both buildings, visiting the beautiful Gothic-style cloisters and the intricately carved choir. They also visited two museums housed within the Monastery, The Museum of Natural Sciences and The Oriental Museum, testiment to the close links which existed in the past between Spain and China- links which are continuing today with the regular study tours of our students to Spain.

The tour this year was certainy a ‘sunny’ one filled with Spanish language, exotic places, gothic architecture and long lasting memories.

Film/Video Production Summer Camp in Zhuhai

From 23rd to 28th June 2014, 24 Form 4 to Form 6 students, accompanied by four teachers, travelled to United International College in Zhuhai, China, to study film production. The one-week programme consisted of classes including Aesthetics in Film, Introduction to Non-fiction Video Production, Script Writing, Video Cinematography and Film & Video Editing. The course was intensive and equipped students with professional skills and knowledge of film production. They were able to apply what they had learnt and produce their own microfilm on the campus. All students and teachers found the course fascinating.

Visit to United International College

Six F.5 students went to Zhuhai, China, on 14 March 2014, on a day tour of the United International College (UIC), under the auspices of Rev. Sr. Margaret, and accompanied also by Miss G. Pow, Mrs. C. Cheung, Ms. T. Cheng, and Ms. Jane Cheung, HK Office Manager of United International College. UIC was founded jointly by Beijing Normal University and Hong Kong Baptist University in 2005. Upon arrival, Dr Edgar Yuen and the student representatives touched us with their heartfelt welcome and took us on a guided campus tour, visiting their modern facilities such as their laboratories, their journalism and communication production studios, their media editing labs, their lecture theatres, and their student dormitories laid out as a cultural village that exudes a warm and inclusive sense of community. Wherever we went, students were hard at work yet always gracious and patient in addressing our queries and satisfying our curiosity. To cite one example, we sampled their student-produced weekly newspapers and were impressed by their high standard of work. During lunch, we interacted one-on-one with our new friends, and they spoke in fluent English. We have discovered, for one thing, that there are currently about 4,700 students, 160 of whom come from Hong Kong while the majority are from all over China. After attending a lecture on ‘Government and International Relations’, we had a sharing session with three undergraduates, which proved mutually eye-opening. All in all, this one-day tour gave our students precious insights into the university life in China. It was indeed a very fruitful experience.


From February 3 to February 10, chaperoned by 5 teachers, a batch of 46 Form 1 to Form 5 students from the Symphonic Orchestra and the Junior Choir set off to Austria for the Vienna Music Tour. In the first few days, the students attended music lessons in Brahms Music School in Murzzuschlag. The Junior Choir members were given master classes on vocal training and choral singing while the Symphonic Orchestra members were given master classes on flute, cello, violin and piano. The master classes were designed for small class sizes and our students were given an invaluable opportunity to receive constructive feedback from the instructors. The students enjoyed the stimulating activities such as dancing to different styles and genres of music in order for the choir members to feel more comfortable with natural body movement and blowing colorful balloons as fast as possible to help the flute players with breathing. They also attended an Austrian folk dance lesson and a Music Appreciation lesson. On the third night, the Orchestra and the Choir performed in a concert in a local auditorium and the concert was a great success! In addition to attending classes, our students had tremendous fun in Vienna and Salzburg as well. They visited numerous museums such as the Brahms Museum, Mozart's Residence, the Schloss Esterhazy and The Haydnsaal (which is ranked as the most beautiful and acoustically perfect concert halls in the world). They also saw historic sites for examples the Schonbrunn Palace and attended a Sunday mass sung by the Vienna Boys' Choir. Regardless of the cold weather, students took pleasure in listening patiently to the stories of musicians and explanations of monuments. All in all, our students did have a marvelous and precious experience!


我校中二級學生圓滿結束北京清華大學「普通話沉浸課程」。同學們懷揣希望出發,滿載收穫而歸。 她們身臨其境,學習標準的現代漢語,掌握語言藝術的技巧。古樸的篆刻、靈動的剪紙、矯健的武術……文化課上,同學們雀躍非常,她們在親身實踐中深切感悟到中國傳統文化的無窮魅力。參觀北京的名勝古跡,領略古都的雄偉莊嚴、厚重滄桑;來到科技展覽館,了解華夏文明的起源與現代科技的發展;探訪胡同四合院,體驗老北京的市井風情,感受北京人的熱情大方。 遊中學,學中悟,悟中思。同學們在短短十天的課程堙A增長了知識,培養了能力,收穫了友誼,體會到關愛……


From August 6 to August 18, 2013, a batch of thirty Form 3 students, chaperoned by three teachers, attended an academic camp at Stanford University, USA. The Stanford International Youth Camp 2013 was an exciting and enriching academic programme where our students experienced real Stanford classes, lived in a Stanford residence, ate in Stanford dining halls and overall got a glimpse of the academically rigorous yet personally fulfilling life of a regular Stanford University student. Our students attended classes in a wide range of subject areas such as Bio-medical sciences, Business & Entrepreneurship, Creative Writing, Personal Statement Writing, Philosophy and Earth Sciences. Being taught by distinguished instructors in a world class university was an inspirational experience for our students. The instructors were all highly accomplished in their fields, having a long list of notable achievements. Whatever the field of subject, our students found all classes to be very engaging and motivating. A highlight of the trip was the visit to the Medical Lab at the Stanford School of Medicine where our students got a chance to experience the state-of-the-art ‘virtual dissection table,’ a human anatomy teaching electronic touch screen device, the size of a large study table (7ft x 2.5 ft)! With one swipe of the finger, the virtual human and his virtual body organs could be dissected and students could view the images enlarged, as cross-sections, etc. During free time, the students indulged in activities such as tie dye T-shirt printing, painting in the park, gazing at shooting stars, etc. Our stay in Palo Alto was packed with more fun. The trip to the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco was an exciting one, where our students got to see wonderful exhibits featuring the evolution of man, earthquake simulation, a journey through a rainforest amidst exotic butterflies and the aquarium with exquisite marine life and coral reef. Later on, the students visited the landmark tourist destination of the Golden Gate Bridge and Crissy Field Park. Our trip to downtown Palo Alto to experience the Farmer’s Sunday market was also a delight where the students bought the sweet, juicy and flavoursome fruits such as strawberries, peaches, apples etc. The trip to the Stanford Shopping Centre was much enjoyed by the students, not only for some quick retail therapy, but also to indulge in some great Californian food. Overall, the trip to Stanford University was a memorable one which left memories of not only academic excellence but motivated our students to aspire for greater heights.

University of Arts London- International Summer School 2013

Four form 4 students attended a summer course organized by the University of Arts London from 8th to 26th July. During the first week, students experienced local learning style at the Wimbledon College of Art, where they had to do visual research around the South Bank area, followed by discussion with their classmates, and finally developing their ideas by creating 2D and 3D collage works. During the second week, students had their lessons at the Camberwell College of Arts, the London College of Fashion and the London College of Communication. They learnt the techniques of screen-printing and dry point etching. It also gave them the chance to experience their first life figure drawing! The third week was spent at the world famous art college, the Central Saint Martins and the Chelsea College of Art and Design. They learnt filming and editing techniques, and were asked to create a 3D work, which could be worn on the body whilst considering scale, visual dynamics and spaces during the design process. On weekends, the college organized cultural activities such as visiting the V&A Museum, which gave students an opportunity to see more on what’s happening in the art and design industry of London. Going to the weekend markets in London is also an essential part of art learning in the UK. They spent hours wandering among the stalls in the Old Spitalfields Market and the Brick Lane Market, engaging themselves in the local culture. Joining the summer course has not just enriched their knowledge in art; it has also broadened their mind on the subject, teaching them to see art in a different way. They all agreed that this trip has offered them a lifetime memorable experience, which is both beneficial and exceptional.

Stem World Tour to Imperial College London UK 2013

From July 7th to 19th, 23 students, accompanied by 3 teachers, attended the Stem World Tour for gifted students at Imperial College, London. During the first week, the students took part in Maths lessons, studying many advanced topics which they don’t get to study in the classroom. They found the lessons really stimulating as there were interesting practical applications for all the theories they learnt, such as game theory. At the end of the week of Maths, each group gave a presentation about what they had learnt.
During the second week, the students moved on to Chemistry and again studied the subject to a high level. They performed lots of experiments, including fun things like getting fruit to set in jelly and making bouncy balls.
In addition to all the academic work, our students managed to fit in a lot of other activities. These included trips to all the wonderful museums in the area – the Victoria and Albert, the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum-, a shopping trip to Harrods, a picnic in Hyde Park and watching a film at a local cinema.
At the weekend, students took a break from academic work and saw most of London’s iconic sights, such as Big Ben, Trafalgar Square and Tower Bridge, from the top deck of an open bus and on a Thames river cruise.
At the end of the tour, students were unanimous in saying that they had benefitted a lot, both academically and in increasing their knowledge of British culture.

Brescia University College Summer Leadership Camp 2013

On June 30, 2013, 36 Paulinians accompanied by 4 teachers set off for a 2-week long adventure to Brescia University College in London, Ontario, Canada. Under the guidance of the heartening counsellors, the students flourished with brighter minds and more lively smiles day by day, growing more and more of a leader as each day passes. The students were engaged in various inspiring lectures inside classrooms, as well as exhilarating outdoor activities like Low Ropes Challenges that enhanced the sportsmanship and bonding between each individual. The students were exposed to the beauty of Mother Nature during their weekend excursion to the magnificent Niagara Falls and their amusing visit to the Bird Kingdom. The nights are spent meaningfully in the serene Brescia University College residence. The students enjoyed a series of activities with their counsellors, including craft making, campfire and even stargazing, although sudden spells of rain had caused few of the planned activities, like picnic, to be cancelled. The less tense routine and the excellent weather on most days had given the students an absolutely unforgettable experience, while increasing their knowledge in leadership as well as the Canadian culture.


四月的北京,柳絮紛飛,我校中二級同學來到美麗的清華大學參加「普通話沉浸課程」。在為期十天的課程中,同學們沉浸於純粹的普通話語言環境中,加上有實際生活情景的薰陶和資深專業教師的指導,收到了事半功倍的學習效果。 篆刻的古樸遒勁、剪紙的活潑靈動、武術的內外兼修、神形統一 …… 同學們從一堂堂文化課中真切體會到祖國博大精深的多元文化。 本次課程涵蓋了語言文化的學習,名勝古跡的遊歷,國情民生的體察,堪稱遊與學的完美結合。



Stem Summer Tour for Gifted and Talented Students at Imperial College London 2012

From July 2nd to 13th 35 Form 4 students accompanied by several teachers attended a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Medicine) summer course at the world famous Imperial College, London. This exciting academic programme consisted of two stands - Chemistry in the first week and Mathematics in the second. For chemistry the students worked within a Biochemistry undergraduate teaching lab. They engaged in a series of hand-on investigations as well as making formal presentations. For mathematics students worked with various university professors looking at a range of mathematical theories and applications including code breaking and game theory. Apart from engaging in academic work the students got to explore London and its many famous historical sights. Nights out to various local restaurants were included along with a visit to Thorpe Park – a theme park where students really did have fun!

French Immersion Programme

On the 30th June 2012, 51 students and 5 teachers set off for France for the French Immersion Programme. The destination was Loches, a small city in the western part of Paris. As we arrived on a Sunday, we had time to settle down and get to know the school compound.

On the whole, it was a memorable trip for the students. They enjoyed the food especially and made friends with the other students from different countries. The teachers had very positive comments as the students showed a remarkable difference in their language abilities towards the end of the stay.

Brescia University College Summer Leadership Camp 2012

37 F.3 and F.5 students along with 4 teachers traveled to Brescia University College in London, Ontario, Canada for a study tour from 1st to 15th July 2012. The two weeks were packed with lectures and activities. Students were trained in leadership skills from various aspects during these two weeks. A weekend excursion to one of the many Wonders of the World - Niagara Falls was also organised. They also had the opportunity to visit a bundle of universities in Ontario and were introduced to a gateway of possibilities. Their evenings were spent in the residence of Brescia University College with their counsellors, where they enjoyed partaking in various activities including a bonfire! This study tour was an utterly unforgettable experience for the students as they had the time of their lives experiencing Canadian culture, which the busy city life of Hong Kong simply cannot provide them with.

Spanish Language Tour to Avila, Spain

From 1st to 14th July 2012, 15 Paulinians (Spanish students) and 2 teachers—Ms Lok and Mrs Diskin—went to Spain to learn its culture and language. For 2 weeks they stayed in a small, quiet town named Avila, near the capital of Madrid.

Every morning, students went to the University of Salamanca’s Campus of Avila for classes. The classes were separated into 3 parts: Language, Communication, and Culture. Students gained vast knowledge about Spain, from its captivating history to its lyrical language. In the afternoon, they had special activities arranged for them, such as learning Flamenco, playing popular Spanish games, watching a Spanish movie, and tasting Spanish food.

The immersion programme also included visits to 4 of the most historically significant cities in Spain: Salamanca, Toledo, Madrid, and Segovia. They saw many extraordinary cathedrals, landmarks, and other pieces of art.

The tour was definitely worthwhile as students learnt a lot about Spanish culture and their language skills also improved immensely through using the language in authentic situations.

Students outside the University Learning how to make Spanish snacks Tasting delicious Spanish ice cream Outside the Residence
Farewell dinner In the amazing dining room Farewell dinner with the Spanish teachers
The historical town of Toledo






本學年我校按計劃組織中二級學生分批前往北京清華大學學習普通話和中國文化,中二施班、中二德班和中二保班已於日前學成歸來。在北京的十一天堙A清華大學教授的諄諄教導,社會大課堂的語言實踐,激發了同學們學習普通話的興趣,也增強了他們說好民族共同語的信心和勇氣。在課餘時,同學們遊覽北京的名勝古跡,踏足京城的大街小巷。他們在長城謳歌勞動人民的勤勞智慧、在故宮欣賞工藝匠師的建築造詣、在圓明園遺址體會中華民族曾受過的屈辱、在盧溝橋和抗日戰爭紀念館緬懷革命英雄的豐功偉績、在天安門廣場國旗冉冉升起時感受身為中國人的驕傲…… 此外,同學們更有機會乘坐高鐵赴天津參觀、考察。漫步於充滿歐陸情調的意大利風情區,同學們彷彿置身國外;走進古色古香的文化街和瓷房子,同學們又宛如回到過去。京津之旅的點點滴滴將永遠留在同學們的記憶中……


我校兩名老師與二十名中四及中五級學生參加由香港特別行政區政府教育局主辦的 「同行萬里」高中學生內地交流計劃,於十一月十五日至十八日赴四川學習交流。 師生們前往當地中學參觀訪問,深入熊貓繁育基地看望大熊貓,穿梭寬窄巷子領略 成都風情。令人印象最深刻的莫過於親臨地震災區遺址憑弔:一片片殘垣斷壁映入 我們的眼簾,一個個抗震救災的英雄故事震撼著我們的心靈,一幅幅表現人性真、 善、美的畫卷浮現在我們的腦海中。短短四天,師生們對地震造成的影響,災後的 重建工作及人民的生活情況有了進一步的了解,同時對祖國在環境保護與文物保育 方面的措施也有了新的認識。此行實為一次充實而有意義的學習、體驗之旅。

10th Ode to Peace International Youth Culture and Art Festival

10 students from the Chinese Orchestra Team was invited to participate in the 10th Ode to Peace International Youth Culture and Art Festival held by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in Penglai, a city in eastern China's Shandong Province, from 22nd to 26th August. Its aim is to promote the spirit of pursuing world peace and develop cross-cultural friendships among teenagers all over the world. UNESCO calls the event one of the world's largest gatherings for the pursuit of peace. In the ancient Penglai Pavilion Coastal Cultural Square, an exciting event with splendid lights was held. The Chinese Orchestra displayed our hope for world peace through music, by presenting the famous piece ‘Dinuhua’ and ‘Happy Girl’ etc. We had a great experience of cultural exchange with teenagers from different countries on music, arts and culture.

Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition 2011 Singapore Exchange Tour

Our F.6 chemistry team was sponsored to participate in the Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition 2011 Singapore Exchange Tour from 8th to 12th August 2011. The programme included visits to Science Centre Singapore, S’pore Discovery Centre, Nanyang Technological University and National University of Singapore where students met experts from various scientific fields. Being one of the Hong Kong delegate teams, Bernice Hung (6P), Jasmine Ng (6A) and Bertha Wong (6A) presented their project ‘Plain Cellulose?’ to students of River Valley High School in the Joint Project Seminar. Students enjoyed interaction with peers who shared a love of scientific endeavour.

STEMworld: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

43 SPCS students, accompanied by 5 teachers, went to London to join the STEMworld summer course organized by Imperial College in July 2011. In mathematics classes, we learnt new things like encryption algorithms and game theory. In chemistry classes, we did wonderful experiments such as using liquid nitrogen to make ice-cream! We all enjoyed London and the university learning experience.

This is a link to the blog we create for the tour.

3D Models
Games Day
Investigation on liquid nitrogen
Maths lesson
Maths lesson
Medical lesson
Taking the tube

Stanford University Study Tour 2011

40 F.3 students went with four teachers on a study tour to Stanford University in California from 3rd to 17th July 2011. The trip consisted of a 2-week programme, with lectures on Mathematics, English and different fields of science such as Cardiovascular Physiology and Biomechanics of Locomotion. It also included field trips to downtown San Francisco, Palo Alto, and famous landmarks such as UC Berkeley and the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a highly memorable and inspiring tour for the students as it provided them with a plethora of exposure unattainable in the busy, urban city life in Hong Kong. Enjoying their evenings in the dorm of Twain North with their counsellors, and partaking in Stanford traditions such as fountain hopping and the scavenger hunt gave students the experience of a lifetime and inspired confidence in many to follow the direction of their dreams. Please see the snapshots to share our joy.



Volunteer-teaching Tour to Sichuan

Led by our principal, Sr. Margaret Wong and 5 teachers, a group of F.6 students conducted a one-week volunteer teaching programme in Beichuan Secondary School in Sichuan, China from 3rd December to 11th December 2010. The Sichuan students enjoyed the interactive approach adopted by the student-teachers to supplement their English learning. Our English teachers conducted demonstration classes while our ICT teachers set up e-learning platforms for the schools and shared the experience on using e-learning to assist daily teaching and learning. Apart from the volunteer work, we also visited famous scenery spots, such as the Museum of Du Fu Thatched Cottage (杜甫草堂) and Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding (成都熊貓繁育基地). Besides, we were honored to be received by the Office of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) of the People's Republic of China in Chengdu (香港特別行政區政府駐成都辦事處). It was a meaningful and unforgettable experience for all teachers and students.

IGCSE / GCE Administrator Training in Nanjing

Two staff attended the IGCSE / GCE Administrator Training from 30th November to 2nd December 2010 organized by Edexcel International in Nanjing, China. The training brought together administrators from Hong Kong, Macau and China and helped them to familiarize with the administrative procedures involved in the IGCSE and GCE.




「薪火相傳:中華文化探索與承傳」國民教育交流計劃上海世博參訪之旅 16/08/2010 – 20/08/2010



陜西香港低碳時代與可持續發展教育學生論壇及交流活動 13/08/2010 – 18/08/2010


Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition 2010 Shanghai Exchange Tour 26th - 31st July 2010

Our F.6 chemistry team was sponsored to take part in the Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition 2010 Shanghai Exchange Tour from 26th to 31st July 2010. The programme included visits to the World Expo 2010 Shanghai China and several museums including the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, and a talk given by a renowned scientist on aerospace. Being one of the Hong Kong delegates, Zoe Chu of F.6P presented her project ‘Iron “Sucks”!’ to students in Shanghai Jiulong Model High School and had an intellectual exchange with them on science and culture.

「中國尋根之旅」夏令營 24/07/2010 – 28/07/2010



Stanford University Study Programme 11th – 25th July 2010

39 Form 3 students and four teachers traveled to Stanford University in San Francisco to study from 11th to 25th July 2010. The two-week programme consists of lectures on English, Mathematics and Sciences conducted by University Professors.The students found the experience unforgettable as they were provided with lots of challenges and fun. They all emerged from the Californian sunshine knowing themselves a lot better. Nevertheless, they also had a taste of American College life in an atmosphere designed for intellectual and social growth.

中國 · 呼和浩特第七屆國際民間藝術節11/07/2010 – 18/07/2010

我校七位同學到內蒙古自治區呼和浩特市參加中國 · 呼和浩特第七屆國際民間藝術節。 這八日間, 從開幕式巡遊開始到之後的各個演出, 同學們表演了幾種不同的民族舞蹈, 例如: 朝鮮族的朝鮮鼓樂、愛妮族的東叭嚓和彝族的彝寨歡歌等, 經歷了天未亮就準備演出、天全黑了卻還沒休息的日子。除了演出之外, 同學們還跟來自不同地區的參加者進行了文化交流與欣賞他們特別的文化藝術, 亦到了不同的地方觀光。到了內蒙古, 當然不能不去充滿蒙古氣息的大草原。藍天、白雲、草原、湖泊, 配上特有的蒙古包、蒙古風味餐和賽馬、摔跤表演,令我們的同學流連忘返。同學們到內蒙時適逢中國 · 呼和浩特第十ㄧ屆昭君文化節, 藝術節的主辦單位安排了各國各區的參與者觀賞開幕式, 同學們在呼和浩特體育場與一眾本地市民共渡了既興奮又難忘的一夜。短短八日眨眼就過去, 同學們在閉幕式上進行最後一次表演, 帶著一生難忘的回憶及豐盛的收穫回港 。

Immersion Programme in Loches, France 4th - 18th July 2010

On the 4th July 2010, twenty F.2 students, together with two teachers, set off to Saint Denis International School for an Immersion Programme in Loches, a small city near Tours, in the western part of France. During the two-week stay, the students had language classes in the morning, and a variety of cultural activities in the afternoon. They visited the famous castles and a candy factory. They learned French cooking and visited a dungeon. They tried golf and paid a visit to a cheese factory, and of course they went to Paris sight-seeing during the weekend and did some shopping. They had a lot of fun! The stay did not only improve their language ability, with the immersion in a French-speaking environment, the students were able to savour thoroughly the exquisite French culture .

「情繫中國心」寧、滬、港三地交流計劃 ----上海、南京考察之旅 13/07/2010 – 17/07/2010


Immersion program in Spain from 30/6/2010 to 14/7/2010
41 Paulinians (Spanish students) and 4 teachers – Ms Lok, Mrs Diskin, Ms Diskin and Mr Chan have been to Spain for 2 weeks to study Spanish in its mother land. They stayed in the Campus of Avila in the city Avila, which is close to Madrid, the capital city of Spain. Students attended classes in the University of Salamanca in the morning, and participated in different activities in the afternoon everyday. During weekends, they took excursions to other cities in Spain.
Classes are divided into three parts – culture, communication and language. In culture class, students learnt a lot about the customs and culture of Spain, such as the festivals in Spain, bull fighting, cuisine and even geography and politics. In communication class, students were encouraged to speak and express themselves in Spanish. In language class, grammar and vocabulary was taught. In the afternoons, a wide variety of activities are arranged for students. They learnt the flamenco, a typical Spanish dance, and Spanish card games. They even went to watch a Spanish movie in a cinema.
During the weekends in Spain, they went to 4 beautiful places – Salamanca, Segovia, Madrid and El Escorial. They visited magnificent cathedrals, grand castles and monasteries.
Students are very excited to leave for Spain soon in the airport.
Teacher Christina teaches flamenco and demonstrates "elcambio".
Students are dancing flamenco in their beautiful posture.
Students and the teacher, Monica, in Avila.
A Church in Salamanca.
After watching the World Cup 2010, students shared the joy that Spain won the champion in the match.
Another church in Segovia.
Students have "la comida" everyday at 2 pm.

Shanghai Expo Tour – Cooking in Norway Pavilion (29th June - 7th July, 2010)

Eleanor Lee (3T), Harriet Lam (3P), Clarice Lam (3L) and Lily Lau (3L) were awarded the championship of the 8th Norwegian Salmon School Health Promotion Campaign - Nutritious Fish for Chinese New Year Cooking Competition (第八屆挪威三文魚新春有營魚烹飪大賽) . They were invited to participate in Expo 2010 Shanghai China and learn cooking in Norway Seafood Restaurant of Norway Pavilion. The tour was so much fun and enlightening. Both the students and the teacher learnt a lot from the professional chefs.

Harriet and Clarice in professional chef uniforms.
Students are adding whipping cream into melted chocolate and caramel.
Students are preparing the main course.
Students are enjoying lunch with Ms. Silje Batsvik Risholm, the project manager of Innovation Norway.
Delicious seafood from Norway.
We are chatting with Mr. Terje Hamnes, the manager of the restaurant.
Mr. Terje Hamnes and Ms. Silje Batsvik Risholm with the souvenirs - school flags and shrimp roe noodles.
Mr. Richard Peters, the executive chef of the restaurant.
Thanks to Mr. Lars Petter Vikanes, Mr. Zhuang Qing and Ms. Wang Jun for their teaching.
We are enjoying our guided tour in Norway Pavilion.
Thanks to Ms. Silje Batsvik Risholm.
Italy Pavilion
France Pavilion
World Exposition Museum
Hong Kong Pavilion and Macau Pavilion
China Pavilion