Our School Social Worker
Hello, Paulinians! I am your new school social worker, Miss Shirley Man. Do you know where my room is? Well, it is on the second floor SIP (Room 213). I am at school from Monday to Thursday. On Fridays or school holidays (except public holidays), you can call me at 2406-7166. This is my telephone number at the Caritas Office in Shaukeiwan, Hong Kong.
Through enquiry, counselling and different programmes, the school social work service aims to help students develop their full potential and have a positive attitude towards life. The service also helps students to adjust to school life and overcome the difficulties they encounter in their interpersonal relationships and family life. Therefore, you can regard the school social worker as a friend who will help you when you encounter difficulties, support you in your exploration of opportunities, and encourage you to enjoy a happy and healthy life.
You are always welcome to chat with me! I have prepared some books and questionnaires on self-understanding and peer relationships to share with you. Don't hesitate to approach me if you need me.