Enrolment in the school implies the student’s willingness and determination to obey school authorities and abide by all the school regulations. The school reserves the right to require the withdrawal of those students whose behaviour is not in accord with its ideals and standards of conduct. The school considers that it is a serious offence to recruit students for outside activities or organizations without authorization from the school.

All students are required to attend school regularly and punctually. Students with attendance lower than 90% may not be allowed to sit for the Final Examination. Medical or dental appointment should not disrupt school attendance. Traffic congestion, distance from school and bad weather which can be foreseen should be taken account of and should not be used as excuses for tardiness. Students who are late for the first and sixth lesson will be regarded as being absent for the morning and afternoon session respectively unless there is a valid reason or medical certificate.
In case of legitimate absences, the Form-teacher should be notified by the parents/guardian in writing as soon as possible. Students who are unable to attend class because of sickness are requested to inform their parents/guardians and stay at home until they have recovered, for in the school there is neither a nurse nor a doctor to attend to them.
In case of tropical cyclones or heavy persistent rain and no instructions given by Education Bureau, parents are advised to consider the safety of the neighbourhood environment before sending their daughter to school.
Recognition will be given not only to outstanding students in the academic field, but also to those who excel in –
    1. Conduct and Deportment
    2. Service
    3. School Spirit
    4. Leadership
    5. Catholic Action
    6. Sports
    7. Art
    8. Drama and Speech
    9. Music

When attending school, students should wear a complete and clean school uniform which includes:

in Winter – plain long-sleeved white shirt, navy-blue pleated skirt at knee-length, navy-blue cardigan or blazer, navy-blue or white scarf. (Other colours should not be used.)
in Summer – plain white blouse as designed by the school, tartan skirt at knee-length.
in all seasons – tartan tie, school badge and only those badges approved by the school authorities, white three-quarters stockings, “Oxford laced-up shoes” (white with black middle).
Students not in full uniform when required will not be allowed to participate in any school function.

Proper Summer School Uniform
Proper Winter School Uniform

Permission from the Principal must be obtained:

    1. for late-comers to be admitted into the class,
    2. for leaving the school premises during school hours,
    3. for staying in any of the classrooms, special rooms, auditorium or the swimming pool before or after class hour, during recess or lunch time,
    4. for putting up notices or posters within school premises,
    5. for writing letters to outside organizations,
    6. for holding or participating in any activity in the name of the school,
    7. for monetary contribution, sale of tickets or collection etc.
Helping to keep the school clean and beautiful is the responsibility of every student. Pick up litter regardless of “who caused it”.
Keep your classrooms presentable at all times. Make use of the class bulletin boards for display of work or projects.

Help to preserve order in your school by

    1. keeping silence in Assembly, in class, in the library and in the corridors and stairs,
    2. going quietly in lines when moving from a classroom to a special room,
    3. not running or shouting in the school building,
    4. not eating or drinking in the classrooms, the special rooms, the library, the auditorium or the swimming pool.
    5. observing the library and the laboratory rules and the regulations in the swimming pool,
    6. not using the lift unless authorized to do so
Out of respect for the privacy of the staff, do not enter any of the staff rooms, the General Office or the Minor Staff Quarters.
Respect your fellow-students by personal cleanliness in the wash-rooms and the swimming pool.
Take good care of school furniture and equipment as you would your own.
    1. Do not write on the walls, the furniture or pages of borrowed books.
    2. Do not waste electricity, gas, water or chalk.
    3. If you are the last person to leave a room, check that the windows are doors are closed, the lights, fans, air-conditioning, AV equipment, computer and printer are switched off.
    4. Inform school authorities about anything to be repaired: broken furniture or windows, venetian blinds, electric lights or air-conditioning etc.
Any personal injury occurring on the school premises must be reported to the Principal as soon as possible. Inform teachers or school authorities about events of consequence, i.e. accidents, serious illness, money lost.
Lost articles must be handed to the General Office. Do not bring to School unnecessary items like walkman, MD player, jewellery, excess money and literature that has no connection with school work. Teachers have the right to confiscate these items when found within the school premises.
Cultivate the virtue of honesty. Anyone caught attempting to play truant, forge signature of another person, or cheat in tests or examinations will be severely dealt with or expelled from school.
It is of paramount importance that students make proper and ethical use of the internet and technology. It is a serious offence to post up offensive material that brings disrepute to yourself, your classmates and the school.
Little acts of courtesy or thoughtfulness adorn a girl’s personality.
    1. Greet teachers, Sisters or priests when you meet them. Offer your help if you see them carry heavy things or books.
    2. See that the blackboard, the desk and chair of the teacher are clean before he or she comes.
    3. Stand and say ‘Good morning’ or Good-bye’ respectfully when a teacher or visitor enters or leaves the classroom.
    4. It is more polite to say “Yes, Sister” or “Yes, Mr. Chen” than merely “Yes”, or “No”
    5. Stand when you are spoken to or called on to answer in class.
    6. Never sit on the teacher’s chair or read anything that is on the teacher’s desk.
    7. When requesting a letter of recommendation or a transcript, politeness requires that you give the Office or the Principal sufficient time to fulfill your request. Do not fail to express your thanks.
If you are going to withdraw from school, have the courtesy of bringing a letter from your parent or guardian and presenting it personally to the Principal. Parents/Guardians are also requested to terminate the auto-payment of fees to the school when they withdraw their daughter/ward from the school.