The mission of our staff development is to enhance the professional competence of our staff and to provide a variety of programmes to support them to become proactive and life-long learners.

Chinese Medicine Learning Day
Chinese Medicine Learning Day was hosted by our school on 6 July 2020. It was a half-day program comprised of two seminars and a Chinese medicine book reading session, joined by all teachers and students in SPCS.

The first seminar was delivered by Professor Karl Wah-Keung Tsim, the Chair Professor of Division of Life Science of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The topic of the seminar was :Prospect of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Health Industry;. Prof. Tsim briefly introduced the history of Chinese medicine and the latest research carried out by the student researchers in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology as well as St. Paul・s Convent School.

After the first seminar students were given time to read the Chinese medicine book published by our school. Then they did the exercise and check the answers with their Form Teachers.

The second seminar was delivered by Professor Robert K.M. KO, the Professor of Division of Life Science of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The topic of the seminar was :How can Chinese Herbal Medicine Promote Health and its Function; and Prof. Ko talked about how Chinese medicine can fight against our ageing problem.

Apart from the students and teachers in SPCS, about 100 teachers and parents registered in our school website and teacher・s training calendar attended the seminars at the same time. According to their feedback on the evaluation form, most audiences found the talk very informative and they had a deeper understanding about traditional Chinese medicine and its applications.

Staff Development and F.5 Thinking Skills Workshop
On 2nd and 3rd July, 2020, our school organized a Developing Thinking Skills Workshop for the F.5 students and the teaching staff. We were honored to have invited Mr. Rock Tam, an experienced trainer, to enlighten our Paulinians and staff on various thinking approaches and widen their horizons regarding the art of thinking.

With the help of technology, the audience pro-actively participated in discussions and presentations amidst the need of social distancing. The workshop was held successfully and participants gained valuable insights to improve their learning and teaching methods and fostered student-teacher relationship.

Bett Show 2020
From 18 to 24 January, our Principal Sr. Margaret Wong, Vice-principal Mrs. Lydia Ko, Mr. Nelson Wong, Mr. Kell Ho, Ms. Priscilla Wong and 3 Paulinians (Katarina Shing of F.4S, Lorraine Sum of F.2S and Kaitlyn Chow of F.2A) travelled to London to attend the Bett Show 2020. The Bett Show, formerly known as the British Educational Training and Technology Show, is an annual educational show in the United Kingdom organised by Hyve Group.

They presented at the showcase about our E-learning under the theme of .Learning to Live, Living to Learn・. There was also a lesson demonstration on the uses of the ActivPanel by Promethean and the e-learning platform edmodo both inside and outside the classroom. The educators and our students also went to museums and historical sites during their 6-day trip there.

2019 Staff Development on ActivPanel
Over the summer holiday, our F.1 classrooms have all been newly installed with the latest version of ActivPanel to enhance interactive teaching. All teachers have already had an introductory session in June 2019 on basic features and operations. On 28 August 2019, as part of our staff development programme, trainers from NetDragon were invited again to conduct ActivPanel hands-on training for our teachers from 9 a.m. to 12 nn in the morning. During the training session, every teacher had the chance to use the panel to perform certain specific tasks under the guidance of the trainers. After this comprehensive training, all teachers especially the F.1 subject teachers are confident that the skills attained can be applied in their teaching in the new school year.

2019 Teachers・ Development Day@CityU
On 27 August 2019, a group of 41 teachers from the Departments of Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, I.C.T, and Accounting and Business attended the :Teachers・ Development Day@CityU; programme initiated and organized by the Provost Office of the City University of Hong Kong. It was a whole day programme comprised of some talks in the morning session, followed by a buffet lunch and then three parallel sessions in the afternoon.

The talks in the morning were very informative. They included: (1) an overview of CityU by Professor Wen-Jung Li, Associate Provost; (2) a brief introduction of CityU・s new and innovative programmes and the admission arrangements by Dr Emily Cheng, Director of Admissions Office; (3) Joint bachelor・s degree programme with Columbia University, USA by Ms Gigi Yan, Assistant Manager of Global Engagement Office; (4) :What will be the global challenges 10 years down the road?; by 2 guest speakers: Professor Olivier Sparagano, Acting Head of Department of Infectious Diseases & Public Health focusing on veterinary medicine and life sciences and Dr Qi Wu, Assistant Professor of School of Data Science focusing on Data Science and Data Analysis. Through these talks, teachers were able to learn more about the CityU・s curricula and get more insights into the future university educational trends.

Before the kick-start of the buffet lunch, Mrs P. Liu, our Assistant Principal, on behalf of Principal Sister Margaret Wong and all the participating teachers, gave a vote of thanks and presented 3 cartoon boxes of grapes to CityU as our token of appreciation for their hospitality. All the teachers had an enjoyable buffet lunch as well as casual conversations with the CityU staff who were joining us for lunch.

After lunch, teachers were divided into groups for the three parallel sessions in the afternoon. Two were conducted by the College of Science and the School of Energy and Environment respectively with the theme on :STEM in university education; and the last one was offered by the College of Business on :Nurturing future business leaders - what・s business education?;. The afternoon session was packed with campus tour, visits to State Key Laboratories, student STEM project presentations, inspiring talks by professors and student sharing.

On the whole, all teachers find the :Teachers・ Development Day@CityU; a fruitful experience as we are able to get up-to-date information of university education especially the articulation of university and secondary education, and the nurturing of our students・ talents to meet future global challenges.

2019-20 Induction meeting for new staff
All the new SPCS teachers were invited to attend an Induction meeting on 26 August 2019. To kick-start the meeting, our Principal, Rev. Sr. Margaret first gave an overall introduction of the school, including its mission, vision, and history, followed by the school badge and motto. Our Vice-principal, Mrs. L. Ko followed up with the explanation of the professional guidelines for teachers, including the rules of attendance and dress code. Student discipline, attendance systems, rewards and punishment procedures were outlined by Mrs. A. M. Law. Mrs. L. Lam then presented the updated school curriculum. Guidelines on assessment obligations, copyright laws, gifts and presents rules, teachers・ log book requirements, homework and assignment policies and peer lesson observation arrangements were also given out.

Extra-curricular activities were introduced by Mrs. M. Iu. She went over the proper procedures for conducting activities inside and outside school, and presented the necessary forms to be filled in before an activity takes place.

Safety is a priority issue at SPCS and Mr. W. K. Lo explained the guidelines on how to handle accidents, contingency plans (in case of bad weather), and fire drill routines. Mrs. I. Wu introduced the SPCS fee remission and scholarship scheme, while Ms. M. Kwok talked about library support and rules.

Last but not least, all the new teachers were welcome seek help from administrators, teacher mentors, panel teachers and experienced teachers in case they encounter any problems during the course of the school year.