The mission of our staff development is to enhance the professional competence of our staff and to provide a variety of programmes to support them to become proactive and life-long learners.

Learning and Teaching Expo 2021
To promote professional dialogue and exchange, on 9th and 10th of December, teachers of St. Paul”¦s Convent School visited the Learning and Teaching Expo 2021 held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, presented by the HKedCity and supported by the Education Bureau. This event provided both insight and inspiration to support the school in further developing teaching and learning strategies. Seizing the wonderful opportunity to converse with fellow educators, our teachers learnt about the latest trends in STEM, hardware support, classroom innovations, inclusive education and the future of learning.

Insights gained through the exhibition will help the school to continue to scale new heights in delivering innovative, individualised and inclusive education.

Staff Development on Student Discipline and the National Security Law
All teachers and non-teaching staff have had a better understanding of the National Security Law before the commencement of the new school year. The talk Student Discipline and the National Security Law was held on 25 August 2021, from 9:00 a.m. ”V 12:00 noon at G7, the Lecture Theatre of the school. The speaker Professor Lam Sau Hong is a retired barrister who is actively involved in academia and delivers lectures on the law at universities in Hong Kong and the Mainland.

The programme was divided into two parts. In the first part, Professor Lam focused on the topic of student discipline. He highlighted that schools should provide a safe and democratic environment for students to learn and grow. While discipline is an integral part of education, students who break the rules should be guided to think critically to solve problems so that they can make appropriate decisions on action. Teachers who share the responsibility to take care of students”¦ growth and development should also keep a good balance between moral considerations and legal implications when executing disciplinary measures to ensure that educational value comes before punishment that is meaningless and damaging.

In the second part, Professor Lam discussed the key provisions of the National Security Law. He explained that the National Security Law is a legitimate national concern and of utmost importance. After this, he provided an explanation of the Law, focusing on the four offences: Secession, Subversion, Terrorist Activities and Collusion. For each offence, he provided examples of prohibited activities so that teachers and staff could learn more about the Law and its implications.

Participants enjoyed the extensive presentation by Professor Lam and were truly impressed by his experience in legal issues in schools. They also found his sharing on the National Security Law very useful and informative, and the issues and concerns that he raised about the Law interesting and inspiring .

ActivPanel Training
On 24 August 2021, two training workshops on ActivPanel were organized for our teachers (one morning and one afternoon session). The workshops were conducted by Mr. Ken Yung from NetDragon, the service provider of ActivPanel. In his presentation, Mr. Yung included valuable insights on how to utilise the newly available applications to increase student engagement, improve collaboration and expand the boundaries of existing teaching resources. Everyone participated in the hands-on training with enthusiasm. We look forward to incorporating these innovative ideas in the coming academic year.

New Teacher Induction Programme 2021-2022
The New Teacher Induction Programme was conducted from 16 to 23 August 2021 to prepare all new teachers for school life at SPCS before the commencement of the new school year. The Welcome Meeting was held on 16 August. Sister Margaret welcomed the new teachers and introduced them to the senior teachers of the school. This was followed by a round of self-introduction, where the new teachers shared on the subjects they would be teaching and other school duties that they were ready for. A School Tour was arranged after the meeting to enable the new comers to have a better picture of the school campus.

On 17 August, the new teachers attended the ”„2021-2022 Development Day for Teachers Serving Catholic Schools”¦ organized by the Catholic Education Office. Meetings with their respective Panel Heads were carried out on 18 and 19 August. On 20 August, the new teachers met again for a workshop on the Habits of Mind in the morning. After understanding the 16 Habits of Mind, teachers applied what they have learnt by preparing lesson plans for their own subject areas. This was followed by another workshop on the Online Systems and Learning Platforms at SPCS where the teachers were introduced to the school intranet and the functions of Edmodo. In the afternoon, the teachers met the Vice Principals for a sharing on the Student Handbook to get a better understanding of the school”¦s expectation of Paulinians.

The final Induction Meeting was held on 23 August. Sister Margaret shared with the new teachers the history and ethos of the school, as well as the spirit behind the school motto: Omnia Omnibus ”V Being all things to all people. Other senior teachers shared on the school”¦s expectation of teachers”¦ professionalism, and covered information on the school curriculum, extra-curricular activities, student discipline and proper behaviour, school safety as well as the fee remission and scholarship schemes. Although it was a busy week, the new teachers were very grateful for the Induction Programme which provided them with a better understanding of the school and its culture before they started meeting their students in September.